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Sparkle Resources for Weathering Covid-19

Sparkle Resources for Weathering Covid-19

As part of our theme this week of keeping your family healthy, we've gathered up all of our Covid-19 posts in one place for easy access. We hope you find these helpful for not only your physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. Be well Sparklers!

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Settle the Fear of Corona Virus

David Sewell McCann talks about how to support families and soothe fear of the coronavirus.

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The No-Worry Paw Wash

The No-Worry Paw Wash

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Helpful Coronavirus Resources for Parents and Kids

We've gathered a few trusted links to help you and your kids with managing the news and information about COVID-19.

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Sparkle Craft: Diy Face Masks

You probably have read about the shortage of masks in the world — a particular concern for healthcare professionals. In order to save the medical-grade masks for those who really need them, I have been making my own masks.

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Body-Based Ideas to Offset a Life in Lockdown

Even though our minds understand why we are at home, why we are separated from other people, and why we are wearing masks, our bodies struggle to make sense of it all...

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Sparkle Kitchen: Lavender and Sweet Orange Mask Spray

For anyone even remotely aware of herbal remedies, using lavender as a sleep aid is a no-brainer, but the addition of sweet orange oil makes this blend particularly lovely for children. Most other citrus scents can be overstimulating, but sweet orange is relaxing and soothing.

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