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Helpful Coronavirus Resources for Parents and Kids

Helpful Coronavirus Resources for Parents and Kids

These are uncertain times. As the constantly updated information about the coronavirus reveals itself, our emotions are all over the place. What will happen next? Will my family be okay? Will my community be okay? Will we have all the resources we need?  

This is what we know for sure: Sparkle families are strong families. You are an amazing bunch of people who think clearly, act courageously, and respond with wisdom. We are so grateful to be partnered with you at this historic time in our world.  

We do not need to be afraid at this time — but we do need to be smart. There is no need to spend every moment reading the latest news stories, but it is important to stay informed so that we can make responsible decisions that will show love to our families and our communities.  

This is a time for us to show leadership in our local communities. Encourage people to wash their hands. Reach out to elderly neighbors to offer support. Remind people that this virus has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Offer resources to families when schools are closed. Sparkle Stories is offering an extended free trial at this time — share this with your friends.  

Below, you’ll find a few online resources that we appreciate — both in terms of news coverage and caring for your family at this time. We hope these are helpful and we’d love to hear what you’ve found in your own reading!  

Let’s stick together. Virtual communities have a lot to offer the world these days.  

Start with our newest Junkyard Tales story and absorb the mandate to "wash your hands" with some of our favorite Junkyard friends:

The No-Worry Paw Wash

The No-Worry Paw Wash

We've found this little e-zine to be helpful in explaining how they can help and not worry. Read it along with your kids to spur on discussion together.

For parents, we have a few resources that are more in depth and can help :

Resources for being stuck at home:

If you need some extra calm:

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