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Advent Activities

Project: The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Coloring Book!

We've created twenty-five fun printables for each day of the Junkyard Tales Audio Advent calendar!

Ideas for Inspired Advent Celebrations

At the core, Advent is about creating a sense of peace and preparation, and spreading light into the darkness. Focus on a few simple preparations and anchors to help bring the celebration into your family’s days and weeks around holiday time.

Holiday Time at Sparkle! Collections & Stories for December Celebrations

It's time to cozy up under a blanket for some story time, as our holiday stories will bring on the festive feeling like nothing else. We have FIVE audio advent calendars and several wonderful holiday story collections for you to enjoy!

Printable Holiday Postcards: "It's a Martian Holiday!" Advent Activities

In each of the twenty-five stories of our newest audio Advent Calendar, "It's a Martian Holiday!", Johnny Boy writes a postcard to his friend Allison. We've got all twenty-five printable holiday postcards ready for you to download and share.

Which Audio Advent Calendar Should I Choose this Year?

We have FIVE audio advent calendars to choose from this holiday season. Listen to samples from each, and take our fun new quiz to find out which one is right for your family this year!

Johnny Boy Takes: My Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Hello, world! It’s me, Johnny Boy Nebraska. Today I’m here to tell you about my favorite interesting ice cream flavors you can order online (and some recipes to make your own).

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week Four

This final week of the Fairy Advent Calendar is about slowing down, being close with loved ones, and being mindful. The end of advent is a time for introspection and going slow. Take it easy this week, make some tea and a snack, and maybe enjoy a little walk in nature.

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and Recipes: Week Three

This week is filled with wonderful baked goods and lots of crafting. The adventures Oscar and Aliyah go on just keep getting richer and richer as they learn about themselves along the way. We hope you are learning alongside them — we know that we are!

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week Two

Week Two is here and we’ve got lots of tasty treats to share and crafts to make. From rock art and latkes to shepherd’s pie and pine needle tea, get yourself ready for a very tasty Week Two!

Parent Cheat Sheet: Castlechanter Fairy Advent Activities

Use this parent cheat sheet to help you navigate the stories with activities that relate to each story. In this cheat sheet, we’ve given you a timeline so you can be prepared with a recipe, craft, or fun idea in advance.

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week One

Welcome to the first week of the Castlechanter Fairy Advent Calendar! We are so delighted you chose to join us. Every day for the next four weeks, we will be sharing crafts and recipes from our Sparkle Archives that are similar to the ones in the advent calendar.

Sparkle Holiday Extravaganza! All of Our Holiday Content in One Spot

Here in Sparkle Land, we love the holiday season. Since the very beginning of Sparkle we’ve been crafting and cooking for the holidays. That means we have A LOT of holiday content spread out through nine years’ worth of blog posts. We’ve rounded up everything right here into one master list of links.

It's Advent with Martin & Sylvia! Stories & Projects

December first is almost here and that means Advent is coming! Why not celebrate Advent with Martin and Sylvia and their holiday adventures? You'll not only enjoy stories but printables and project fun. We've gathered all the advent calendar stories and projects right here in one place.

It's a Libby & Dish Holiday! Libby & Dish Good Deed a Day Club

Looking for something a little different this year for advent? Why not join Libby & Dish for their Good-Deed-a-Day Club? We've got everything right here to get you started!

It's a Junkyard Tales Advent! Stories & Projects

Celebrate Advent with the Junkyard crew! We've gathered all the Junkyard Tales Advent calendar stories and projects right here in one place so you can easily organize for Advent.

Our Three Audio Advent Calendars (First Stories are FREE)

Learn all about our three Audio Advent Calendars!

Parent Cheat Sheet: Libby & Dish's Good Deed a Day Club

With the help of this "cheat sheet" your can pattern your own daily good deeds after those of Libby and her friends. Many of the good deeds are quite simple, and you can easily adapt them to fit your own family's culture or interests.

Announcing: Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

We are so excited to launch our newest collection for December: Libby & Dish's Good-Deed-a-Day Club!

Storybox Playlist: Our Best Stories for Advent

Advent is upon us! We in Sparkle Land are big fans of the Advent season.

Sparkle Craft: Martin & Sylvia's Colorable Ornaments for Advent

For this year's calendar, our lovely Sparkle Stories artists have made a beautiful set of printable ornaments.

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