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Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week Two

Castlechanter Audio Advent Calendar Crafts and recipes: Week Two

Week Two is here and we’ve got lots of tasty treats to share and crafts to make. From rock art and latkes to shepherd’s pie and pine needle tea, get yourself ready for a very tasty Week Two!

Day Eight:

Start the week off easy! Snuggle up with your favorite pillows and listen to the story during your favorite story time.

blog-christmas-siblings-couch-snuggle-Advent-Calendar-600 in 1200-525-48KB-jpg

Day Nine:

Fairies love to make decorations out of natural materials. Try your hand at making art on stones with our owl amulets.

peace owl amulets 7 || by thistle by thimble
Peace Owl Amulets

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Ten:

It’s the first night of Hanukkah! Aliyah and her family joyfully immerse themselves in food preparation as they retell the story of Hanukkah. Join Aliyah and family in their celebration! Test out our version of latkes — and if you are up for it, try making our diy menorah.


Find the recipe HERE

woodblock menorah 3 || martin & sylvia
Wood Block Menorah

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Eleven:

Join Oscar in making stone fairy houses today! Try one of our methods by following the link below.

123 cupcakes meryl 2
1-2-3 Cupcakes

Find the recipe HERE

fairy houses
Let’s Make Fairy Houses so the Fairies Will Come

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Twelve:

In today’s story, Aliyah meets a tree fairy in a garden center. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with trees, please read our wilderness stewardship guide below.

wilderness stewardship || sparkleschool house
Importance of Wilderness Stewardship

Find the post HERE

Day Thirteen:

The history of the Christmas trees is a very interesting one. In today’s story, Aliyah learns all about Christmas trees. When you are done listening, try making our sun tree topper to decorate your tree.

blog-Solstice Sun Tree Topper-Advent-Calendar-500 in 1200-525-59KB-jpg
Solstice Sun Tree Topper

Find the tutorial HERE

Day Fourteen:

Today is all about pies! Sparkle Kitchen can inspire both sweet and savory options. If you, like Oscar, have a Yule Lad visiting your home, he’s bound to love one of pies below!

rustic apple mini bacon pies
Rustic Apple Bacon Mini Pies

Find the recipe HERE

berry grunt 1
Berry Grunt

Find the recipe HERE

turkey shepherd's pie 5 || martin & sylvia's audio advent calendar
Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Find the recipe HERE

meat pies meryl 1
Shakespearean Meat Pies

Find the recipe HERE

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