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Dealing with Uncertainty: Pre- and Post-Election

Dealing with Uncertainty: Pre- and Post-Election

When I was little I didn't pay much attention to elections. I couldn't vote so it didn't matter too much to me. I trusted my parents to vote in my interests.


As I reached high school voting started to come under my radar. I was in the student government and got a taste of what it was like to make important decisions for the student body. The Bush/Cheney election of 2000 rolled around and the Vice President came to our school to give a speech. As part of the student government I was selected to be a student ambassador and help with that event. I got to meet Dick Cheney in person. I found it quite interesting to meet politicians in person. When they aren't "on" or doing the performance necessary when talking to a huge crowd of people, they are just humans like you and me.


Election time can bring an enormous amount of uncertainty for people, no matter what political philosophy you adhere to. Sometimes it can seem like the end of the world if the election does turn out the way you had hoped. We are here to give you a bit of loving and inspiring advice to help with the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with not knowing and then knowing.


I've rounded up all the wonderful content we've written over the past few years to help soothe the mind and heart when it comes to election time. I hope these words of wisdom help your family in this most interesting of historical times!

Words of Wisdom for Election Time:

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