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February Tips for Creating a Day of Rest

February Tips for Creating a Day of Rest

Many of us in SparkleLand are experimenting with adding a weekly Day of Rest in our own families. How is yours going? Have you run into any roadblocks? That’s okay. There are always tweaks to be made, as we can see from the experience of Martin and Sylvia’s family.

Here are a few tips we can pick up from them in February:

  • Check in with your family. The beginning of the month is a good time to talk with your family about your Day of Rest practices. What is going well? What needs to change? Are there things you’d like to add to your list of “work” and “not work”? How would your family like to add or modify things for this coming month?

  • Think ahead. Momma discovers that she doesn’t enjoy doing laundry on her Day of Rest — but neither does she like seeing the piles of dirty clothes during her peaceful moments. The family decides to tackle the laundry on the day before their rest day — and they find joy in it through working together and making the job fun. Think about what kinds of things your family likes to have in place before your Day of Rest. Do you want to set up a crock pot meal? Or finish some gardening work? Or bake a pie? Or wash the kitchen floor? You’ll know what tasks you’d like to have crossed off the list. Work on those together before you rest — and think creatively so you can have fun doing it!

  • Create rest for the whole family. Martin and Sylvia were excited about baking something every Day of Rest, but it turned out that this sometimes felt like another thing on the task list for the parents. Daddy switches things up by purchasing some unbaked rolls from the store to bake at home. Their guests bring something baked as well. Follow Daddy’s example by discovering great ways to enjoy family together time without taking on extra burdens.

  • Figure out your social dynamic. Some of us are introverts, some are extroverts, and some fall in the space between. It sounds like Sylvia would spend all day, every day with her friends if she could — but that’s not quite the case for Momma. Talk together as a family about how you best get energized. Is it through a party with lots of friends? Is it through a long, solitary walk in the woods? Is it through a conversation over a milkshake with a friend? As you learn about yourself and each other, craft practices in your Day of Rest to allow space for each family member to enjoy a restorative, energizing experience.

  • Remember NOW time. No matter what you decide to plan for your Day of Rest, take Sylvia’s advice and pay attention to “now time.” Wherever you are, you can find rest through fully enjoying and experiencing the present moment.

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