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Let’s Go to the Farm

Let’s Go to the Farm

If you’ve listened to any stories in this darling series, you’ve likely heard about Martin & Sylvia’s neighbors. The Browns are farmers who live next door and play an important part in Brother and Sister’s stories. In many ways, the Browns are part of Martin & Sylvia’s extended family. We actually meet them in the very first episode of the series, First Day (link to

The Browns’ Farm often provides the backdrop for Martin and Sylvia’s adventures and offers many opportunities to learn, explore, and connect with nature.

There is no doubt about Brother and Sister’s connection to these cheery and supportive neighbors. Their relationship and the time they spend at the farm is an important and valuable part of their young lives — and the source of many lessons, adventures, and fun!

We’ve gathered some of our favorite examples for this week’s Storybox Playlist, “Let’s go to the farm!”



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