The Chicken Coop


The Chicken Coop

Topics: Animals

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“Helpers”: A Story About Natural Disasters, Fear, and Lending a Hand

Wildfires are scary. Flooding is scary. The news is thick with pictures of burning or flooding homes, and next week there are thousands of children who will not start school because their school is either underwater or their home has burned to the ground.

Sparkle Kitchen: Deviled Eggs

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the spring bounty of our hens increased egg production is by making a batch of deviled eggs. This is a classic, nothing fancy recipe, but it’s our family’s favorite.

Sparkle Craft: Rainy Boot “Hens and Chicks” Planters

While you could plant your hens and chicks in many different containers — because they're cute and plentiful at our house at this time of year — I think an outgrown pair of rain boots is just adorable with a bevy of hens and chicks sprouting out of the top.

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At Home with Martin & Sylvia

Summer Magic

Summer Magic

The Grumpy Day

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