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Projects, Crafts, and Recipes for this Story

Sparkle Craft: Friendship Bracelets

This week we are talking about social inclusion – and what a better way to talk about social inclusion than to craft it! Use this fun kid-friendly tutorial to get started!

Sparkle Kitchen: Martin's Favorite Granola

In the At Home with Martin & Sylvia story “Playdate," Momma dishes out some homemade granola and yogurt. Did you know that it is Martin’s favorite granola?

It is. And it’s delicious.

Sparkle Kitchen: A Granola Formula

This granola formula is the perfect chance to do a little experimentation, try something new! You never know when you’ll happen upon a winning combination!

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The Webers

At Home with Martin & Sylvia

Backyard Water Park

Backyard Water Park

The Grumpy Day

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