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Story Apothecary: Healing Tales for Troubled Times

Story Apothecary: Healing Tales for Troubled Times

You might be wondering — what is a "story apothecary?"

We all have our medicine kits for times of stress or illness. In my kitchen I have a drawer of supplements and remedies for the needs of my family, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and homeopathies. I keep Manuka honey for burns, an antibacterial herbal powder for wounds, activated charcoal for food poisoning. I store ingredients for my favorite Mexican bone broth recipe (with astragalus, garlic, and oregano) in case someone starts to feel puny. I have a brilliant herbal tincture for anxiety that I take all day long. That's what I call my home apothecary.


This is a story-based apothecary. The stories in each of these remedies are narrative medicine for troubled times.


Feeling agitated? Sip a story or two in Anxiety Tea. Can't stop worrying? Slather yourself in stories from Looming Dread Lotion. Want to feel grounded? Try some Safety Spritz stories. Need to feel connected to others? The stories of In It Together Elixir are for you.


The prescription for these stories is easy: simply listen. The stories do the work. (They are magic that way.) Just let your imagination go with the characters and you'll find yourself soothed and settled naturally.


Here are our Story Apothecary collections:



Looming Dread Lotion

Feeling like there is nothing but bad news ahead? Are you worried that your usual optimism seems to have evaporated in the burning fire of polarization, conspiracy, hubris, and power-mongering? These stories will help you let go of fear, remind you of what is important, and invite the restorative feelings of gratitude, empathy, and possibility.


Perfect for ages 5+


Listen [HERE]


Safety Spritz

Looking over your shoulder? Has your trust disappeared? Feeling like those in charge are not looking out for you? These stories will help build back your resilience, calm, and confidence that you truly are safe and the world is good.


Perfect for ages 5+


Listen [HERE]


Anxiety Tea

Hard to fall asleep? Feeling like electric charges are moving through you? On alert all the time, ready for something bad to happen? Wishing you could just “turn off” for a while? Well, these stories will invite the slowness, stillness, and peace you seek. Listen and let your shoulders drop, your eyes close, and your breath deepen.


Perfect for ages 5+


Listen [HERE]


In It Together Elixir

Feeling alone but frightened to go out? Wondering if the isolation has permanently changed you? Longing to be held, to have a conversation face-to-face, to have a little party or even an outing with friends? Fear not, these stories will show you how to get the connection you need and the closeness we desire.


Perfect for ages 5+


Listen [HERE]

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