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Our Favorite Sparkle Moms and Why We Love Them

Our Favorite Sparkle Moms and Why We Love Them

Mother’s Day is coming up and we have mommas on our minds. In Sparkle Land, we love to honor mothers and all of those who “mother” us in our hearts, even if they aren’t strictly related to us. Our stories are full of beautiful examples of that kind, nurturing presence that we so often associate with motherhood. These Sparkle mothers have inspired us to do the best we can in our lives — and we hope you receive that encouragement from them too!

Momma from Martin & Sylvia

Anyone who has listened to the Martin & Sylvia series knows how special Momma is. Strong, wise, patient, independent — plus she makes the best lunches we’ve ever imagined. Careful listeners might remember that her name is Margaret and that she works as an ecologist, bringing a wonderfully science-based energy into their homeschool life. She and Daddy coordinate their schedules to support each other in their work as well as their home life. Momma might seem perfect to some, but she has her moments of human frustration just like all of us — and she does a good job of taking care of herself in those times.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Georgia Bean from Junkyard Tales

Georgia Bean isn’t the biological mother of the Junkyard mice, but that sure doesn’t stop her from caring for them. The kindly rat tirelessly washes paws, creates cozy sleeping quarters, and provides good, nourishing food for the dozens of little mice who depend on her. But even with her generous nature, Georgia Bean is no pushover — she has clear boundaries and a consistency that helps her mice learn how to behave properly. Click here for a printable coloring page of Georgia Bean
Junkyard Advent Printable 4 - Georgia Bean header

Aurora Dory from The Dory Horde

Aurora Dory has a complicated life with scheming brothers, a deceptive father, and mysterious powers to heal — plus the privilege of single-parenting five precocious and unpredictable children. But despite the hardships and uncertainties she encounters, one thing never wavers: Aurora Dory’s devotion to her children is never in doubt. Have you met this strong and resilient woman?

The Dory Horde Crib Sheet

Momma Opossum

In a special story for Mother’s Day, we meet Momma Opossum — a long-suffering mother who has just moved the family to a new home. As she trains her kits where to find food in their new neighborhood, she also trains them to notice the feelings of others with empathy — including her own. This is a story about mothers’ patience, mothers’ strength, and why mothers sometimes simply need a little rest.

Ella & Ollie's Mom from Ella & Ollie

We find another Sparkly example of the complexities of parenthood in Ella and Ollie’s mother. Rachel works part-time as a nurse, balancing her career with their family homeschooling rhythms. She works diligently to maintain clear communication in her blended family, supporting her kids’ relationship with their dad while also nurturing a strong bond with her husband Daniel. Rachel organized her life through her strong values of love, openness, and deep empathy for each member of her family and herself.

Libby's Mom from Libby & Dish

Perhaps the most mysterious of mothers, we don’t know much about the personal life of Libby’s mom (since we see her through the lens of five-year-old Libby). But we do know that she works from home in some kind of computer science or IT capacity, she takes special care with Libby’s sensitive emotions, and she has a soft spot for Dish, their remarkable cat. Libby’s mom weathers the challenges of single-parenthood by depending on her neighbors, friends, and her dear sister Cecily. In Libby’s mom, we have a true example of a sensitive, strong woman who counts on the mutual support of her vibrant community to bless and be blessed in turn.

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