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sparkle craft: easy cat wand

September 5, 2019
sparkle craft: easy cat wand

In the new Sparkle Stories collection Libby & Dish, Libby and Dish are best friends. The two spend slow hours building pillow forts in the cozy corner of Libby's bedroom, organizing crayons on the art table, and watching the busy dog-walkers on the street below — all from the comfort of their ninth floor apartment window.

Libby is a five-year-old girl with curly chestnut hair and a big imagination. And Dish isn't a child at all — he's Libby's silver-gray cat.

easy cat wands 5 || junkyard tales

Due to family members with allergies, I've had to join up with #TeamDog in my later life, but I'll always have a friendly lap for a soft kitty. As Anne (of Green Gables fame) once said, “I love cats, they are so nice and selfish. Dogs are TOO good and unselfish. They make me feel uncomfortable. But cats are gloriously human.”

And to have a cat that deigns to love you back, as Dish does Libby? Well, that's a rare distinction, and one that should foster pride in the human who receives such an honor!

To celebrate the launch of Libby and Dish, this week's craft project is an easy-to-make cat toy. These “cat wands” use around-the-house materials and are simple enough to whip up in just a few minutes. Don't let their simplicity fool you, though — they'll be good for weeks of fun for you and your best feline friend.

Listen to the first story of Libby & Dish HERE.

Easy Cat Wand

easy cat wands 3 || junkyard tales


½ of a small dowel rod (or a stick about 24 inches long)

3-4 scraps of fabric (about 24 x 2 inches each)

Scissors or pinking shears

Super glue (optional)


While you could complete this project with a full sized dowel rod, I find that wands are less likely to end up being accidentally poked at the other humans in the house if they're a more manageable size. The diameter doesn't matter as much — just make sure it's thick enough that your cat won't be able to break it.

Once your dowel rod has been selected, cut the fabric scraps. Scissors will work fine for cutting, but if you have pinking shears they will help keep the toy from fraying too quickly.

easy cat wands  6 || junkyard tales

Tie the strips of fabric to one end of the wand, using a bit of super glue (if you like) to secure the fabric to the dowel rod so that your cat can't pull it off.

easy cat wands 1|| junkyard tales

Once any glue is dry, it's time to play!

easy cat wands  7 || junkyard tales

Dangle the fabric strips above your cat's head for her to paw at or slowly trail them across the ground in front of her until she pounces after them. When the fabric strips start to get frayed, you can snip them off the dowel rod and start over again. Have fun!

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