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Sparkle Craft: Salamander Pencil Pouch Patch

Sparkle Craft: Salamander Pencil Pouch Patch
In “Mr. Salamander", from the So Many Fairies series, a little girl named Cami is about to start school for the very first time. She does not want to leave her home and magical backyard to go to an unfamiliar place for first grade. As she lays by her backyard frog pond, she meets Mr. Salamander who transforms her apprehension into excitement by telling her a story about a salamander who is quite like herself.
salamander pencil pouch patch 2 || so many fairies

If you have a child who is getting ready to, metaphorically, leave the pond and head into the previously unexplored forest—like the salamander in this story—I must warn you that this sweet tale might make you tear up a little. What's more, if you happen to be listening to it in the car with one of said burgeoning “salamanders” in the backseat, don't be surprised if you hear them pipe up at the end, “Hey, mom, can we listen to that again?”

It turns out that our whole family has a lot of feelings about heading off to the forest of first grade.

And what better to way to help work some of that out than with a good, back-to-school art project.

salamander pencil pouch patch 15 || so many fairies
This salamander patch is a great joint project, with the added benefit that it would look cute on any number of shiny new school supplies. Unless your child is already practiced at embroidery, I recommend that they do the painting and you do the stitching. While the resulting patch is just about the perfect size for a pencil pouch, feel free to attach it to a backpack, lunchbox, or any other place where a boost of encouragement might be needed.

Salamander Pencil Pouch Patch

salamander pencil pouch patch 1|| so many fairies


Salamander pattern

Scrap of white cotton fabric (about a 12-inch square)


Thin-pointed sharpie

Paint (washable or not, to suit the object you intend to put the patch on)

1 piece of craft felt

Embroidery hoop

Embroidery floss

Embroidery needle

Sharp scissors

Fabric glue or sewing supplies


salamander pencil pouch patch 5 || so many fairies

Tape the salamander pattern to a bright window, then tape the white fabric over the top. Use the sharpie to trace the salamander onto the white fabric.

salamander pencil pouch patch 7 || so many fairies

Being sure to protect the surface underneath, lay the white fabric out so that your child can paint the salamander. If you intend to put the patch on an item you might launder, be sure to use paint that won't wash out.

salamander pencil pouch patch 11 || so many fairies
Since I knew I would be using this patch on a pencil case (an item that we typically wear out before it needs washing) we used “dot paints” to make an easy tie-dyed effect.
salamander pencil pouch patch 9 || so many fairies

Once the salamander is completely dry, make a stack—craft felt below, white salamander fabric on top—in an embroidery hoop.

salamander pencil pouch patch 3 || so many fairies
Thread a needle with embroidery floss, then use it to stitch around the outline of the salamander.
salamander pencil pouch patch 10 || so many fairies

Remove the fabric from the embroidery hoop, then use the sharp scissors to clip away the white fabric up to about a quarter of an inch away from the stitches that make up the salamander outline. Be super careful not to cut into the stitches themselves or the felt below; you'll have to start over if you do, and that's no fun!

salamander pencil pouch patch 12 || so many fairies

Once the trimming is done, use a straight edge to mark a rectangle (or an oval or whatever shape you want) around the salamander on the felt. Cut the felt on the line you just made, and your patch will be ready to go.

salamander pencil pouch patch 14 || so many fairies

If you're putting this patch onto a backpack or lunchbox, you may be able to just sew it on if you prefer. On smaller objects, like a pencil case, I recommend using fabric glue, because there's often not enough room to get your hand inside to make sewing workable.

salamander pencil pouch patch 4 || so many fairies

Either way, I hope your kiddo enjoys this small reminder of all the adventures that can come when you're brave enough to head out to somewhere new.

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