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Simple Homemade Pillowcases

Simple Homemade Pillowcases

In the Sparkle Sleepytime story, “Malcolm the Chipmunk,” Malcolm the chipmunk loves to snuggle. He loves it more than anything else. His parents, however, can't snuggle all the time. So Malcolm finds other clever ways to burrow up so that he can feel the hugs and squeezes he loves so much.

I have not conducted scientific studies on this, but I think most of the world can fairly be divided into burrowers and cover-kickers. In our house, we're evenly faced off. On the coldest, darkest night of winter, my daughter and husband will kick off even the lightest blanket. On the hottest, steamiest summer day, my son and I will still burrow under heavy comforters to take an afternoon nap.

But no matter which camp you fall into, everybody enjoys a fresh, cool pillowcase.

This week's craft is a super simple pillowcase. If you have an older child learning to sew, this would be a great starter project. For younger kids, you'll probably have to make it for them, but my kids really loved going to the fabric store and getting to choose their own patterns and prints.

If you like to be frugal in buying fabric, our standard size pillows used exactly 2/3 of a yard of the main fabric to complete this project. If your pillows are bigger or you don't want to live dangerously, just get a yard. That will give you more than enough to trim your pillowcase to the exact size you need, and the extra scraps are fun for making little doll quilts or ribbons for wrapping presents.

Whether your kiddos are Team Cover-Kicker or Team Burrow, a special pillowcase is a sweet way to send them off to camp or summer sleepovers with a little extra love.

Simple Homemade Pillow Cases

1. Prewashed fabric


2/3 to 1 yard main fabric

12 inches contrasting fabric



Rotary cutter and/or scissors

Sewing machine


Pillowcase that already fits your pillow


[Note: I was making two different pillowcases as I was doing this tutorial. Where you see either the fabric with paw prints or the pink fabric with gold dots, it's the contrasting fabric. Where you see either the dinosaur fabric or the floral “Alice in Wonderland” fabric, it's the main fabric. Additionally, all seam allowances are ½ inch, and you should backstitch at the start and end of every line of sewing.]

2. trim off selvages
To prepare your fabric, wash it, press it, and trim off the selvages.
3. Press contrast fabric in half

Then, fold the contrasting fabric in half horizontally, and press the fold. Keeping the fabric folded, sew a line through both layers about ½ inch from the edge of the fold you just made.

4. sew on the fold of contrast fabric
Keeping the contrast fabric folded, pin the raw edge to the matching raw edge of the main fabric.
5. contrast fabric with sewing on fold complete
Sew all three layers of fabric together, then press open the seam you just made.
6. Pin contrast fabric to main

You should now have something that's starting to look like a pillowcase.

7. press seam open
Taking the opposite corners of the contrasting fabric in hand, fold the fabric in half wrong side out. Square it up as best you can, then take the pillowcase you already know fits, and lay it on top of your new pillowcase.
8. Trim to the size of an old pillowcase
Note where the old pillowcase hits the new pillowcase, and trim the new pillowcase so that it's ½ inch longer than the old pillowcase.
9. pin and sew the edges
Keeping the pillowcase folded wrong side out, pin and sew together the edge opposite the contrasting fabric. Repeat for the other remaining unsewn edge.
finished dinos
Turn your pillowcase right side out, and give it one last, quick pressing. Then, put your new pillowcase on a pillow and enjoy!

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