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Best of Thanksgiving Crafts

Best of Thanksgiving Crafts

This week's crafts are all about gratitude and community. We encourage you to spend time each day this season thinking of little things you are grateful for or helping others. We've rounded up four simple crafts that can be done with materials you have right at home.

gratitude leaves 8 || giving thanks audio collection

Gratitude Leaves

These leaves are a great way to start the holiday season. All they require is some paper and watercolor paints. Make enough for everyone to write several things if they want. In our family, we make enough for a whole month and write one thing each day that every family member is grateful for. Then we hang the leaves on a branch brought in from the yard or as a garland on the wall. It's wonderful to see how people change the things they are grateful for as the month goes by.

Find the tutorial HERE

family thanksgiving book 7 || junkyard tales

Family Thanksgiving Book

This book is perfect for keeping memories of extended family you might not see at any other time than Thanksgiving. It's easy to put together and just about every family member who can pick up a utensil can add to it.

Find the tutorial HERE

blessing bags 2 || by thistle by thimble

Blessing Bags

Blessing bags are a great craft for teaching children and adults generosity during a time of great abundance. Ask your local shelter what people who come there need most, fill the bags with the recommended items, and then bring them in person. I guarantee you will feel a deep sense of gratitude for all that you have and can pass that on to others.

Find the tutorial HERE

milk jug lanterns 5 || martin & sylvia more adventures!

Milk Jug Lanterns

This craft is one of my very favorites because it involves getting outside with others and taking a walk. These are super-quick and easy to make, requiring only some recycled materials. The idea of a lantern walk is to bring light in the darkness to your neighborhood.

Find the tutorial HERE

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