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Sparkle Crafts: Collaborative Splatter Paint

Sparkle Crafts: Collaborative Splatter Paint

In the Dry Gables: Good Neighbors story “This Is Our Moment,” Seamus, Max, and Marta get excited about bringing a very special guest to see their annual Stratford-on-Pigsty Summer Playhouse production. When the mayor, EB, tells them their plans just won't work, they are initially very disappointed. With a little encouragement from their friends, though, the trio keeps their chins up and they put on a truly wonderful show. And, wait, was that their special guest in the audience after all?

There are few things more collaborative than putting on a play. The actors may be the stars, but without lighting, sets, sound, and costumes, the actors wouldn't get very far. Even the audience has a role to perform as they enjoy and appreciate the work of cast and crew.

collaborative splatter paint 8 || dry gables; good neighbors

Inspired by the set painting that occurs for the Dry Gables play, this week's craft project is similarly collaborative — it's a family splatter paint project.

collaborative splatter paint 6 || dry gables; good neighbors

This project is fun to create and fun to have hanging on your wall. It works best with a big canvas, but while you can buy a new one, don't feel like you have to. A thrift store canvas in good shape — and covered with a layer of white primer to make it new again — will create a lovely texture under you paint.

collaborative splatter paint 14 || dry gables; good neighbors

Another tip? Pick a nice spring day and take that canvas outside. It will make clean-up a snap.

Collaborative Splatter Paint

collaborative splatter paint 5 || dry gables; good neighbors


A drop cloth slightly larger than your canvas (optional)

A large canvas

Several bottles of craft paint

A paint tray

Any painting implement that you can get your hands on (brushes, kitchen utensils, feathers, flowers, toothbrushes, old combs and brushes, ribbons, etc.)


collaborative splatter paint 2 || dry gables; good neighbors

If you don't want residual paint splatters in your work location — or if you're working somewhere that might get your canvas too dirty — begin by putting down a drop cloth. Then lay your canvas on top.

collaborative splatter paint 1|| dry gables; good neighbors

Open the bottles of craft paint. If your kids are accustomed to neat, between-the-lines coloring, I recommend doing something a little zany to start to show them that this is a time when it's okay to be silly. I started by picking up a whole bottle of paint and squirting it all over the canvas. My kiddos thought Mama had gone a bit crazy, but they quickly began laughing and followed my lead.

Once the ice is broken, go wild painting!

collaborative splatter paint 18 || dry gables; good neighbors

Mix colors in the paint tray. Use the brushes to thwap splatters of paint across the canvas. Flick paint from the toothbrushes with your finger. Use the feathers or ribbon to make prints and trails through the paint. Use your fingers even, if you want to. The only rule is that everyone takes part.

collaborative splatter paint 12 || dry gables; good neighbors
collaborative splatter paint 17 || dry gables; good neighbors

Work until the painting looks good to you, then set it up to dry somewhere safe. Keep in mind that some of the paint will continue to drip and slide down the canvas if you let it dry vertically. That's okay, though — it's part of the fun. Once the painting is dry, enjoy your new painting by hanging it on your wall.

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