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Four Kindness Crafts for Kids

Four Kindness Crafts for Kids

Sometimes gifts of kindness come in small packages. They don't always have to be big things. We've looked through the Sparkle crafts archives and pulled out crafts that are easy for kids to do on their own (or with minimal help) and which have meaning behind them.

kindness coupon 2

Kindness Coupons

Kindness coupons are great for when your child wants to help out but doesn't always know how. They can pick chores or activities which they think will be helpful to you or another caregiver or sibling.

Find the tutorial HERE

watercolor circles DIY thank you note

Watercolor Notes

Making thank you notes is an easy and fun way for kids to show kindness to others. They can choose to draw a picture or write how they feel. They can also use colors they feel express kindness for the recipient.

Find the tutorial HERE

friendship bracelets 9|| stories of inclusion

Friendship Bracelets

When I was a kid, getting a friendship bracelet from another friend was the best feeling in the world. Especially if it was a new friend or friend from camp. I would wear them until they fell off. These friendship bracelets are super-easy to make and only require some embroidery thread, a safety pin, and tape.

Find the recipe HERE

milk and oatmeal bath powder 9 || so many fairies

Milk and Oatmeal Soap

These little soaps are easy for kids to help with as they use a melt-and-pour soap base. You can make lots of them and kids can give them as appreciation gifts to friends, family, and teachers.

Find the tutorial HERE

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