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Sparkle Crafts: Ideas to Get You Moving

Sparkle Crafts: Ideas to Get You Moving

With so many places still safer-at-home, it's hard to get moving. Movement is so important for our physical and mental health. It lowers stress levels and boosts serotonin. One easy way to get moving is to make an object or game that inspires movement. The projects and crafts below are a combination of games, art, walking, and play — all to get you outside and moving!

saturdays.printable.28 animals.BLOG

Saturdays! Printable Project Page: Animals Game

Get kids moving with this fun animal game. Make animal shapes and move organically!

Find the tutorial HERE


Collaborative Chalk Mural

All you need for this is a garden wall or driveway and some chalk. Drawing on a huge scale is great for moving not only your body, but eyes and mind as well!

Find the tutorial HERE

recycled mask of on and off invisibility 11 || libby &dish

Recycled Masks of On and Off Invisibility

Nothing like a mask to get little superhero going. These masks will bring a lots of fun to your day.

Find the tutorial HERE

indoor obstacle course 2 || the willowbee tree

Indoor Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course is a fun way to get moving when you can get outside. Make it fill the whole house if you want!

Find the tutorial HERE

daddy's pollination game 7 || martin & sylvia

Daddy's Pollination Game

This game is fun for moving around and using all five senses! Use any juices your family loves to make it even more interesting.

Find the tutorial HERE

Hidden Earth Art Featured Image

Hidden Earth Art

For those families who love hiking, this a great way to explore nature and make art at the same time. This art is meant to be a surprise for those who come after you.

Find the tutorial HERE

plaster casting 6 || martin & sylvia's nature school

Plaster Casting

Finding tracks is such a fun way to get out and about. Look for prints, make a casting, and bring them home.

Find the tutorial HERE

take a night walk dawn 1

Take a Night Walk

Night walks are very different from day walks. They use your sense of hearing over your sense of sight. Try one and see how it makes you feel — the cool night air, the moon and stars overhead, and all the night sounds.

Find the tuorial HERE

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