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Sparkle Crafts: Paper Animal Ears

Sparkle Crafts: Paper Animal Ears

These paper animal ears were very popular in our house — in fact, I remember one trip where my then kindergartener wore her paper cat ears on every flight, through every airport, until we reached the end of our journey. The people in the airport were ridiculously nice to us as a result of her charming insistence that this was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

These ear templates happen to be very similar to the ears you'd find on animals hanging around the Junkyard. They're perfect to make and wear while you listen along to any Junkyard Tales story!

Added bonus: Halloween is just around the corner, making for some simple but fun costumes. They'd make a great project to work on while you listen to the Junkyard Tales Halloween audio book.


What you will need:

a long strip of plain paper, about 2½ inches wide and long enough to go all the way around the head of the person wearing the ears

animal ear templates, printed (below)



crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.


What you will do:

Begin by taking the strip of paper and wrapping it around the head of the person that will wear the ears. Overlap the ends of the strip of paper to make a circle that is tight enough to sit snugly on the head, but still easy to slide off and on. Tape the ends of the paper in place. Cut out and color the chosen set of ears, and then use tape to secure them to the headband that you just made. You may find that the bunny ears work best if they have been printed on thicker paper, such as card stock.


And that is all! Now you can wear your fancy and fun animal ears this Halloween (or all year long if you like!).


DOWNLOAD the Animal Ears Template HERE.

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