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Superhero Capes

Superhero Capes

Today we’re going to make our very own superhero capes that can be customized however you’d like (and whenever you’d like!)

You Will Need

Felt or Flannel (approx. 2 feet long and 2 feet wide)

Felt or Flannel Scraps

Self-Adhesive Velcro


What To Do

Cut out your cape shape. The general shape is a triangle with a flat top. Do your best to make the top approximately the width of your child’s shoulders. Get creative with your cape – it doesn’t have to be a straight triangle. Ask your child if you should add waves or other fanciness.


Work with your little one to cut out decorative shapes for their cape. You may need to do the cutting for the younger ones, while older children will be able to cut their own shapes (no matter how abstract they may be!)


Once you’ve cut out all the shapes, choose where the embellishments will be on the back of your cape. Using the self-adhesive Velcro, attach one side of the Velcro to the cape and the other side to a felt piece. Continue until your whole cape is decorated. Don’t like how it looks? Want to move a few pieces around? Go for it! The beauty of Velcro means that the decorative pieces can be mixed, matched and moved however your little one would like!


Once the cape is complete, pin it to the back of your little one’s shirt (we opted for this over having the cape tie around your little one’s neck simply for safety’s sake) and let your inner-protector out! In no time flat your kiddo will be flying around the town (yard)…


leaping small buildings (jumping from trees) in a single bound…


and having all sorts of fun!

Explore More & Make Connections

How else can you decorate your cape? What will you add? How will you attach it! Give it a try!

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