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Sparkle Crafts: Your Own Sewn Treasure Bag

Sparkle Crafts: Your Own Sewn Treasure Bag

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “A Hunting Morning,” Martin and Sylvia get to go on a treasure hunt of sorts using their sense of smell to find some tasty popovers – yum! Today, we’re going to make something everyone needs, no matter what kind of treasure hunt you’re on – whether it’s using your nose to sniff out a freshly baked good; using your eyes to spy beautiful autumn leaves, stones and other nature bits; or using your hands to discover new textures you want to bring home. Can you guess what you need? A treasure bag!

Made with a burlap fabric, this treasure bag is easier for little fingers to sew and the open-weave means that the dirt and sand that might be stuck to treasures found outdoors will fall right through as your little ones carry their new-found bounty home.

You Will Need

Burlap (Approx. 16 inches x 10 inches)

Fleece or Felt (Approx. 24 inches x 3 inches)

Blunt needle


Embroidery Hoop (optional)

Embroidery Thread (optional)

What To Do

Prior to sewing, you will need to address the burlap’s naturally frayed edges. This can be done in a couple of ways – a thin strip of hot glue or seam sealant, a machine zig-zag stitch around the perimeter, or embrace the fray and pull off threads until there is 1 inch of fray all the way around.


Before you stitch the treasure bag together, let’s add some flair with a touch of embroidery. Position one half of the burlap in the embroidery hoop. Using 6 strands of embroidery thread, it may be helpful to tie a small knot at the eye of the needle so that the thread doesn’t slip off. Then let your little one stitch to their heart’s content. Continue stitching and adding more colors until your little one is happy with the design.

Now it’s time to stitch your bag! First, loop the yarn through the needle and tie a knot so that your child will be stitching with a double thread.


Fold the burlap rectangle in half, creating an 8 by 10 inch rectangle. Have your child stitch up the sides, leaving the top open for treasures.

Either a traditional running stitch or whipstitch (as pictured) can be used, though little ones may find it easier to master the whipstitch. The whipstitch will also help cut down fraying on the sides.


You may need to put in the first stitch, but then let your little one do the rest (with help if needed). Don’t fret if the stitches are not perfect – they are perfect to your little one!

Once the sides have been stitched, you can attach the strap with one end placed diagonally on each side of the treasure bag’s top opening.


When you’re done, go out and find some new treasures to carry in your very own handmade treasure bag – hooray!!

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