A Hunting Morning


A Hunting Morning

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Sparkle Kitchen: Popovers!

Popovers are totally new to the Sparkle Kitchen. We’ve marveled when other friends made them for us, but never actually tried making them ourselves. So a few weeks ago, we gave it a go. And, as is the norm for our kitchen, we whipped up the gluten-free variety. And they were really good.

Sparkle Kitchen: Popovers

Did you know that you can make popovers in a normal muffin tin?

Sparkle Craft: Your Own Sewn Treasure Bag

Made with a burlap fabric, this treasure bag is easier for little fingers to sew and the open-weave means that the dirt and sand that might be stuck to treasures found outdoors will fall right through as your little ones carry their new-found bounty home.

Martin & Sylvia's: Saturdays! Printable Project Page: A Hunting Morning

In “A Hunting Morning,” Martin, Sylvia, and Laura go on a treasure hunt in the Brown’s orchard and hayfield. They are encouraged to use their noses like foxhounds - and you can too!

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Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!

Apple Faces

Apple Faces

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