Snow That Sticks


Snow That Sticks

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Projects, Crafts, and Recipes for this Story

Sparkle Craft: Stitched Snowflakes and Cranberry Garlands

Craft your own handmade cranberry garland using berries and wheat-O's. And with some simple materials – a bit of yarn, some recycled cardboard – you can make your own snowflakes that stick around even if there’s none out your door.

Sparkle Kitchen: Butternut Squash Chili

My favorite chili involves lots of canned goods, which are so much easier to keep on hand. It's also nearly vegetarian, with a butternut squash standing in admirably for the typical beef. Pop these ingredients into a pot, give it a stir, and enjoy the warm smell of it bubbling away!

Martin & Sylvia's: Saturdays! Printable Project Page: Snow That Made Sticks

Use this printable project page (and the help of an adult!) to make your own snow out of paper.

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Mother's Helper

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