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Sparkle Crafts: Stitched Snowflakes and Cranberry Garlands

Sparkle Crafts: Stitched Snowflakes and Cranberry Garlands

In this week’s Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Snow That Sticks," Martin and Sylvia – along with Mama – figure out a way to make a bit of snow even when there’s none outside (even though it’s so very cold!) And though their handmade snow isn’t chilly, it is beautiful, a lovely preview to what’s sure to come this winter.

With some simple materials – a bit of yarn, some recycled cardboard – you can make your own snowflakes that stick around even if there’s none out your door. Add a bit of garland made of wheat-O’s and cranberries and you have a festive, wintry scene!

You Will Need

Blunt Needle

White Yarn



Cotton Thread or Baker’s Twine


Wheat-O Cereal (like Cheerios)


What To Do

To create the basic ornament shapes, use a cup or glass to trace circles onto your cardboard. Cut out the circles. Using a pencil, draw the basic shape of a snowflake as pictured above.


Next, using the blunt needle, punch holes at the center, the tip of each snowflake point, and the spot where the three snowflake points meet. Then, cut about 18-24” of white yarn. Tie a knot in one end larger than the holes you punched, and thread the blunt needle on the other end.


Now it’s time to start stitching! If old enough, your little one should be able to follow the snowflake pattern like a sewing card. Younger ones may want to make their own design – great! Each snowflake, as they say, is different and your little one’s art can be as well! When your snowflake is complete, leave a bit of a tail for hanging.


Next, let’s make a cheery snack for the birds – a great outdoor accompaniment for your snowflake ornaments. To start your cranberry garland, thread the blunt needle onto a bit of baker’s twine (yarn will be too thick). Then thread on cranberries and wheat-Os (or popcorn!) You can make your garland as long as you’d like. When you’re done, go outside and play – enjoy your new sticky snow and beautiful cranberry garlands! Even if it’s cold and dreary outside, these lovely handmade decorations will brighten your day – just like Martin and Sylvia’s sticky snowflakes!!


Explore More & Make Connections

Instead of stitching your snowflakes, what if you trace them in glue and add a bit of glitter? Or how about a bit of white paint? Perhaps adding a few beads, buttons or bells to your stitched snowflakes?

Does it snow where you live? What sorts of things do you like to do when there’s snow? Can you think of another way to make snow that sticks, no matter what the weather?

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