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Sparkle Halloween Crafts Round Up

Sparkle Halloween Crafts Round Up

On Wednesday we shared our favorite Halloween treats and healthy meals — but Halloween doesn't just mean good food. It also means festive costumes and decorations. Here are some of our Sparkly and not-so-spooky ideas.

pillowcase cross-body trick-or-treat bag  8 || by thistle by thimble

Pillowcase Cross-Body Trick-or-Treat Bag

This bag is perfect for any age of trick-or-treater. It's customizable and comfy and can be used all month long for creative play.

Find the tutorial HERE.

four no-carve pumpkins 26 || junkyard tales

No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

This a great idea for little ones who haven't yet developed knife skills. It also allows the pumpkins to stay fresh much longer than carved ones as the skins of these pumpkins stay intact.

Find the tutorial HERE.

magician's cloak 10 || by thistle by thimble

Magician's Cloak

This is so quick and easy to make -- perfect for last-minute costumes that can become play pieces all year long.

Find the tutorial HERE.

mixed media flashlights 3 || by thistle by thimble

Mixed Media Flash Lights

These flashlights are exactly what your little (or not so little) ones need to light up the lengthening nights. It's a great way to ward off the spooky things on Halloween, too.

Find the tutorial HERE.

recycled paper mache scarecrow 22 || martin & sylvia

Recycled Paper Mache Scarecrow

Are these paper mache scarecrows not the cutest things? This a perfect get-messy-and-use-up-the-Sunday-paper project.

Find the tutorial HERE.

keepsake "switch witch" plate 6 || so many fairies

Keepsake "Switch Witch" Plate

This year if all that candy feels like too much in the days after Halloween, present your kids with the option of giving their candy to the Switch Witch.

Find the tutorial HERE.

dia de los muertos marigold garland 6 || martin & sylvia
Marigold Garlands

November 1 is Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. It may sound spooky, but it's a day of celebration and festivity. Decorate your home to remember loved ones who have passed with these beautiful marigold garlands.

Find the tutorial HERE.

quick, low-sew wings 14 || martin & sylvia: more adventures!

Quick, Low-Sew Wings

These wings are perfect anytime of year, but work as a fabulous last minute costume.

Find the tutorial HERE.

waxed leaves 6 || martin & sylvia's nature school

Waxed Leaf Banner

With autumn in full swing, this leaf banner is a great way to preserve a bit of the season and decorate your home with something that will last all season.

Find the tutorial HERE.

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