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Sparkle Kitchen: April Fool's Day Food Pranks

Sparkle Kitchen: April Fool's Day Food Pranks

In Martin & Sylvia and At Home with Martin and Sylvia, the children are celebrating spring silliness and April Fool’s Day tricks.

One of the most famous April Fool’s Day hoaxes ever was perpetuated by the BBC in 1957. On a mock current events program, the news station showed people harvesting spaghetti noodles from a supposed “spaghetti tree”. Spaghetti was still somewhat of a novelty at the time, so many Britons fell for it. The news station got hundreds of calls for information about where to buy spaghetti trees and how to cultivate them. Their advice? “Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.”

Similarly to the spaghetti tree hoax, many classic April Fool’s Day pranks involve food. Indeed, food jokes can be among the funniest because they wholly surprise the victim, but don’t do any lasting harm.

If you and yours would like to engage in some April Fool’s Day hijinks, here are a few funny food jokes to get you started.

Turn the milk blue. Or green, or purple, or any other color you can imagine. Just add a few drops of food coloring and watch the surprise as your significant other goes to make his or her morning coffee.

Switch cereal in boxes. Remove the inner bag of the Fruit Loops and trade it for the bag inside of the Raisin Bran. Again, this one is funny because it’s likely that your family may not be 100% awake when the wrong cereal bits go tumbling into their bowl.

Mashed potato sundae. Make up a batch of thick mashed potatoes with light brown gravy. Using an ice cream scoop and a parfait glass, dish up the potatoes to look like an ice cream sundae. Top the potatoes with a delicious drizzle of “caramel sauce” gravy, and encourage your loved ones to dig in.

Donuts with mayo. Buy a batch of plain donuts. Using an icing piping bag and tip, turn the plain donuts into mayonnaise filled “treats”.

Dinner for breakfast/breakfast for dinner. To pull this one off, you have to put the plates on the table with an absolutely straight face. Acting like nothing is amiss, serve up spaghetti or chicken enchiladas first thing in the morning. Or try some waffles and eggs for dinner, instead.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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