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sparkle kitchen: baguette sandwich

sparkle kitchen: baguette sandwich

In this week's Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures story, “The Fairy Ferry,” Daddy happily announces that the family is going to a restaurant on the far side of the lake, and brother and sister are excited. But when he says that a "Ferry" is going to take them across the lake, Sylvia is confused. "A fairy?" asks Sylvia. And so begins an exchange that leads Sylvia on a hunt to find fairies... on a ferry!

Just a few weeks ago, my family visited the Ferry Building in San Francisco. While several ferries leave from there daily to carry travelers across the bay, we were there for the lovely farmers' market that's held a few days a week. Looking for a quick bite to eat, we also stopped at a bread stall inside where we bought the most delicious baguette sandwiches.

While a baguette sandwich is generally the shape of what Americans sometimes call a “submarine” or a “hoagie”, that's where the similarity ends. While a sub is generally stuffed to bursting with different meats, cheese, and condiments, a baguette sandwich relies on only two or three ingredients—a slather of butter, gooey slices of brie cheese, a sparse sprinkle of bitter greens—think quality over quantity.
baguette sandwich 6 | | martin & sylvia: more adventures!
Wrapped in foil or parchment paper, this unfussy sandwich also travels well, which makes it a perfect lunch for a picnic, or even a ferry ride if you happen to be taking one.

It's also a great meal to let your kids help make. The bread needs to be sliced by an adult, but slathering butter and layering toppings are jobs suitable for even very young children.

While you can, of course, top your baguette with anything you fancy, here are two of my favorite classic combinations, one featuring ham and one featuring jam. Enjoy!

baguette sandwich 5 | | martin & sylvia: more adventures!

Ham or Jam Baguette Sandwich


For the ham version:
baguette sandwich 7 | | martin & sylvia: more adventures!

About 1 tablespoon butter

4 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto or other cured meat (Using cured meat here makes the sandwich a little more durable if you're traveling with it.)

About 5 cornichons or other small pickles

1 baguette, sliced lengthwise



For the jam version:
baguette sandwich 8 | | martin & sylvia: more adventures!

About 2 tablespoons jam (Fig is classic, but I like apricot jam, too.)

Half a wedge of brie or other soft cheese

A small handful of arugula

1 baguette, sliced lengthwise

baguette sandwich 1 | | martin & sylvia: more adventures!

Slather both sides of the baguette with either butter or jam. Layer on the other toppings, slicing the cornichons in half if you're using them. Press the baguette halves together. Enjoy right away, or wrap in parchment or foil for traveling.

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