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Sparkle Kitchen: Breakfast Fruit Pizza

Sparkle Kitchen: Breakfast Fruit Pizza

In the At Home With Martin & Sylvia story, “Daddycation”, Martin and Sylvia's mother has to be away for a few days, and the children will stay with Daddy. While the children are excited about time with Daddy, they're also nervous about Momma leaving. To make them feel better, Daddy proposes they have a “daddycation” and makes the time uniquely fun!

As part of their “daddycation” Martin and Sylvia go bowling and visit a camel. They also have breakfast for dinner. This week's recipe is just the opposite of breakfast for dinner—it's pizza for breakfast.

breakfast fruit pizza 2 || at home with martin & sylvia

Fruit pizza is traditionally more of a dessert food, as it's commonly made with a sugar cookie dough crust. For this recipe, I've subbed a whole wheat tortilla crust—a trick that works well with any kind of pizza, actually—to make it healthier and more weekday friendly.

I've also used mascarpone cheese. Mascarpone is essentially Italian cream cheese, and it's a bit easier to spread then American cream cheese. If American cream cheese is easier for you to find, feel free to use it instead, just make sure you let it sit out for 10-15 minutes beforehand so that it's not too hard to spread.

breakfast fruit pizza 5 || at home with martin & sylvia

Last, definitely let your kiddos have the fun of arranging the fruit on the pizza. It makes a fun art project for them, and it will also give you a few quiet moments to enjoy your morning coffee or tea.

Breakfast Fruit Pizza

(makes 1 small pizza, increase the recipe as needed for more people)

breakfast fruit pizza 10 || at home with martin & sylvia


½ tablespoon butter

1 whole wheat tortilla

a few big spoonfuls of mascarpone cheese

a drizzle of honey

a handful of mixed fruit, cut into slices if necessary (we used strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi)


breakfast fruit pizza 9 || at home with martin & sylvia

Melt the butter over medium heat in a skillet just large enough to hold the tortilla. Add the tortilla to the pan, and toast on both sides.

breakfast fruit pizza 8 || at home with martin & sylvia

Meanwhile, use a fork to whisk the mascarpone cheese with the honey.

breakfast fruit pizza 6 || at home with martin & sylvia
When the tortilla is toasted, let it cool for about a minute, then spread the cheese mixture over the top.
Now for the fun part!
breakfast fruit pizza 4 || at home with martin & sylvia

Take your fruit slices and arrange them on top of your pizza. You can make a pattern, a face, whatever you want.

breakfast fruit pizza 3 || at home with martin & sylvia

Once you're pleased with how the pizza looks, cut it into four mini pizza slices and enjoy.

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