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sparkle kitchen: healthy winter drinks round up

sparkle kitchen: healthy winter drinks round up

In this week's So Many Fairies story, "Benno and the Nymph," a poor farm family sails across the sea to seek a new life of possibility. When they finally arrive, they see that the land is parched and there is no water in sight. But Benno, the farm boy, smells something familiar - it is the smell of the hillside spring near their old home. What he doesn't know is that the water nymph from that spring has followed them and is ready to help.

Just as water brings life to the farm family, teas can help us during the winter season to feel better. Often when I am feeling a little down or out of sorts, I'll make a nice herbal tea to boost my spirits and give me the energy I need to carry on. These teas are great for your body without the added side effects of caffeine, so children can drink them, too. I've rounded up four healthy teas from our Sparkle Kitchen archives to share with you all. I hope they bring you some comfort as well.

fruit tea meryl 1

Citrus Tea

This tea is just what your family needs when winter is cold and grey — a nice dose of citrus and color. This is a really tasty tea, so you'll definitely want to make extra.

Find the recipe HERE.

pine needle tea KC!

Evergreen Tea

There are many reasons to make a steaming cup of evergreen tea. A cold, rainy day can be reason enough to make a warm pot, rejuvenating cold fingers and chilly bodies. The taste, especially with honey and spruce needles, is like drinking a delicious, sweet Christmas tree.

Find the recipe HERE.

mineral rich tea 1|| martin & sylvia's nature school

Mineral Rich Tea

Nettle, raspberry leaf, tulsi, and more. This tea is so good for you and tastes even better. The fresh verdant flavors will boost your grit for even the grayest of days.

Find the recipe HERE.

hibiscus tea 3|| the willowbee tree

Egyptian Hibiscus Tea

This tea is perfect for when you need some serious up lifting with color. The fresh floral flavors will delight your tongue, too.

Find the recipe HERE.

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