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Sparkle Kitchen: Momma's Spiced Applesauce

Sparkle Kitchen: Momma's Spiced Applesauce

In the At Home with Martin & Sylvia story “Kitchen of Canning," what starts out as a-lot-of-work turns into a-lot-of-fun for everyone. And even though it is a little messy, everyone helps with the clean-up.

When Daddy comes in with a full bushel of apples from their tree, Momma gets excited about the “spiced applesauce” she wants to make this year.

Spiced applesauce! Cinnamon, cardamom, allspice. Can’t you already smell and taste it? Yum.

We’ve got Momma’s recipe for you — all you need are ripe apples, some honey, some lemon juice, and a few lovely spices.

At our house, we’re lucky: like Martin and Sylvia, our yard has its own apple trees. They are old apple trees, but they still produce — quite a bit!

spiced applesauce 6
spiced applesauce 11

We try to collect the good “drops” and then pick when the apples are ripe. They may not be the prettiest apples, but they make great sauce!

Spiced Applesauce 12
spiced applesauce 3
spiced applesauce 5
Spiced applesauce 2

Are you ready? Here’s how we make it!

Momma’s Spiced Applesauce


5-6 pounds tart apples (½; peck or about 10-12 medium apples)

½ cup water

½ cup honey

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 cinnamon stick (3 inches)

½ teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

⅛ teaspoon ground allspice

¼ teaspoon ground cardamom

pinch of salt


If you plan to use a food mill to process the applesauce, simply quarter the apples. If you don’t have a food mill, and want to mash the apples, then peel, core and quarter the apples.

Place all of the ingredients in a heavy pot or dutch oven with a lid. Cover and cook over medium-low heat for 30-40 minutes — until apples are tender. Occasionally stir the apples to make sure all are softening. Remove from the heat and discard the cinnamon stick.

Mash the apples, or process through a food mill.

spiced applesauce 7
spiced applesauce 8

Store in the refrigerator for up to a week, or pour into sterilized jars and can for future enjoyment.

It is truly delicious, hot or cold!

And do you know what I love most about making applesauce? As in Martin and Sylvia's home, it’s an all-family project.

Spiced Applesauce 9


Print recipe card HERE.

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