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Sparkle's One-Stop Spot for Halloween Stories

Sparkle's One-Stop Spot for Halloween Stories

Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows' Eve, the night when the vales thin, whatever magical name you want to call it — the end of October is a wondrous time of transition, darkness, and magic!

Here at Sparkle, Halloween is very special to us. You won't find any of the scarier elements that often come with this time of year, but you will find more magic than you know what to do with.

In 2023, Halloween falls on a Tuesday — so it's time to get ready for a mid-week celebration ... and maybe even some reveling on the previous weekend! There is plenty of time to indulge in all of your favorite October traditions — including listening to your favorite Halloween Sparkle Stories!

We've got fairies, dragons, knights and wizards, pirates, jokester animals, and more. We've got so many stories you could listen to one every day from now until Halloween! We have a total of FIVE collections and 33 individual Halloween stories. And if you search the word "magic," you'll find 222 stories total!


Below, you'll find our five collections and four stories to get you in the Halloween spirit. Happy listening!


Here are all five of Sparkle's Halloween Collections!



Windward Ho! Pirate Halloween

It’s the morning of Halloween when Wink Mackenzie heads to her local bookstore and finds something curious — not the book she was seeking, but a wayward pirate from her Windward life! What is he doing here, in the present time? Turns out, the rest of the crew members are also finding pirates popping up and making mayhem in their own hometowns! The eight girls must put right what has gone wrong before November 1st — and rescue one mischievous monkey in the process.


Perfect for ages 7+


Listen HERE


Martin & Sylvia's Halloween

This collection of three stories follows the events that unfold over the few days before Halloween as the creative brother and sister duo, Martin & Sylvia, prepare for their annual Fairy Ball!


Perfect for ages 3+


Listen HERE


So Many Fairies Halloween Story

This collection is a So Many Fairies story in three parts, following Henry, a first grade boy who wishes he were an elf.


Perfect for ages 4+


Listen HERE


Junkyard Tales Halloween Story

Our favorite Junkyard friends are preparing a Halloween Festival for their friends from the neighboring town! Enjoy these three stories, filled with Halloween fun and adventures.


Perfect for ages 4+


Listen HERE


Libby & Dish: Spooky Stories Through the Wall

It’s Halloween night, and Dish is alone in the apartment — which suits him just fine. But after spending some time remembering stories from his days as a city cat, Dish gets into a conversation with Chad the neighbor dog that sends a shiver down his spine.


Perfect for ages 3+


Listen HERE

Below are some of our favorite Halloween stories!

Sam Sugarpop and the Switch Witch Surprise

Sam Sugarpop and the Switch Witch Surprise

Someone Else's Dragon

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