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Storybox Playlist- Stories of Fun and Foolery

This week's theme is: Stories of Fun and Foolery.

Working hard and doing your best is always a postive thing, but all work and no play can really drag anyone down. April 1st is a day for playing jokes and having fun. Since ancient times people all over the world have set a side a day in early spring for a bit of light hearted fun. April 1st used to be the beginning of the Roman calendar year. Then later, when European countries began using the Gregorian calendar, the first of the year changed to January 1st. Some scholars say that people continued to celebrate the April 1st New Year and thus it became joke or a way to fool people.

We've got lots of fun light hearted stories for you this week.

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Fools (from the Saturday Sparkle series)

This week's "wise fool" stories come from Italy and Germany, including "Simpleton" and "The Brave Little Tailor" as well as some "foolish" poems and verses.

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The Council of Fools (from the By Thistle By Thimble series)

Once there was a land that was ruled by a Council of Fools. And in this land, to be a Fool was a position of honor and respect – that is, until the Fools began to forget how to juggle, dance, sing and perform magic. Luckily, a new Fool from a distant province arrives to transform the dry and serious members of the council back into being true Fools – rather than simply being foolish.

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Spring Sillies (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia series)

It’s Spring! The birds have lots of energy, the squirrels have lots of energy, and so do Martin and Sylvia. What this family needs is a “Spring Sillies Day” — where everything becomes an opportunity for good laugh. Who will be the silliest of all?

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Spring Time Fun and Foolery (from the Martin & Sylvia series)

Its the first week of spring and the house is abuzz with fun and foolery. Martin makes a treasure hunt for his sister that has a suspicious treat at the end. Sylvia and Daddy dress up like each other and fool Martin. But at the end of the day, Momma surprises them all with a dinnertime surprise!

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Cat and Skunk Tricks (from the Junkyard Tales: All Together Now series)

When Ben joins in a traditional day of "tricks" played between the neighborhood skunks and cats, he doesn't realize that the biggest trick of all is about to be played on him.

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David Sewell McCann fell in love with spinning stories in first grade – the day a storyteller came to his class and captured his mind and imagination. He has been engaged in storytelling all of his adult life through painting, film-making, teaching and performing. Out of his experience as a Waldorf elementary class teacher and parent, he has developed a four step method of intuitive storytelling, which he now shares through workshops and through this website.