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The Dory Horde Launch!

The Dory Horde Launch!

We have very exciting news! There is a brand new series launching this week called "The Dory Horde," the first book being "The Gilded Dragon." It's a series about adventure, mystery, and learning about each character's strengths and weaknesses. It's a quest like you've never traveled on before here at Sparkle.

The Dory Horde: The Gilded Dragon

Meet the Dory family: a mother and her five children, an affectionate nickname (“the Horde”), and a host of mysterious powers. When word comes that their grandfather has suddenly died, the family is drawn from their quiet Kentucky farmhouse into an adventure across North America. On this epic journey, the Dory Horde must compete with their conniving uncles to uncover the source of their unusual powers and the secret fortune that their grandfather has left behind.

Perfect for ages 9+

Listen to the first story here for free!

Episode One: The Long Ride North

Episode One: The Long Ride North

When you are ready to jump into the adventure, you'll find the collection HERE.

Want to learn more about the Dory Children? Check out our Crib Sheet HERE.

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