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Tips for Creating Your Own Day of Rest

Tips for Creating Your Own Day of Rest

Many of us in Sparkle Land are creating our own day of rest for 2017. Some of us are choosing Saturday, some Sunday. Some of us are starting with “no business work” like Martin and Sylvia’s family, and some of us are starting with “no cleaning.”

This new Martin and Sylvia series is meant to inspire, inform, and then offer practical ideas for creating your own Day of Rest in a very busy, over-scheduled, and ambitious modern world. Many models for days of rest or Sabbaths are connected to a religion, but Martin and Sylvia’s family is choosing a more secular model of their own creation. The hope for them is to have a day that is special, a day that is slow, a day that is dear, and a day that helps them all renew and revitalize.

Interested in implementing a day of rest in your own family?

Follow Momma and Daddy’s tips for getting started:

Dream together. Talk with your family about the idea of a Day of Rest. Martin and Sylvia’s family discuss the question, “What are your favorite things about Christmas other than gifts?”

What is work? Spend a few minutes writing together to define the idea of “work” in your household. Make a list of things that are considered “work” — and don’t forget to include daily chores and other ordinary activities.

What is rest? Now take some time to define the idea of “rest” together. Write a list of things that are restful or replenishing, or as Momma says, “things that are special and relaxing and make us feel renewed.” What would bring this sense of rest to each of you personally and a family?

Make some decisions. Momma and Daddy propose that their family begin by adding one Restful Thing and eliminating one Work Thing for their day of rest. As the year progresses, you can tweak and add and change things. But to start, choose one restful thing to add into your day of rest and one work thing to eliminate.

Choose your day. Momma and Daddy don’t get into the specifics in this episode, but it will be helpful for the rest of us to choose a day. It may be the same day each week — Saturday or Sunday often work well for people. A weekday might be best for those with alternative schedules. Some of you may wish to choose a different day for rest depending on the week’s schedule. No matter what you choose for your family, remember that this is an experiment. You can always adjust your practice along the way!

We’re on this journey too, and we’d love to hear your thoughts, challenges, and successes. Share your ideas with us so that we can all benefit from each others wisdom!

May you and your family enjoy creating a Day of Rest together this year.

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M & S Day of Rest centered for blog

In this collection, Martin and Sylvia’s Momma and Daddy both work and share the responsibilities of keeping a home. They like the balance between home and work, but they do regularly feel tired, overwhelmed, and too busy with all the details of their day-to-day life. When Momma’s assistant Amy gives her a book that could “benefit the whole family,” she is surprised and delighted that it’s all about the importance and practice of a full "Day of Rest". And thus begins a year-long project to build the perfect day of rest for their family.

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