December Ten: Fredland's Dream


December Ten: Fredland's Dream

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The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

All about our collection for Advent: The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar!

Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar Printable Coloring Page: Day 10 – Fredland

The Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar Day 10. Late at night by the Beaver Pond, Fredland the Moose wakes from a powerful dream — a dream that shows him his Junkyard friends need his help! So off he goes, through the snow and wind, until he hears two familiar voices in the distance. The trip from the Beaver Pond to the Junkyard is long and windy.

Tutorial: the Junkyard Tales PRINTABLE Advent Calendar

Look everyone! It's a PRINTABLE Advent Calendar! Our very first. Each of the 25 little doors hides a clue to the matching story in the Junkyard Tales Audio Advent Calendar - so you can listen and open a door each day from December 1st to the 25th!

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Junkyard Tales: Audio Advent Calendar

December One: Sergeant Calls a Meeting

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