Fairy Feathers


Fairy Feathers

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Projects, Crafts, and Recipes for this Story

Sparkle Kitchen: Cashew Chicken

Created by David Leong, a Chinese immigrant to Springfield, Missouri in the 1950’s, Springfield cashew chicken is a fusion of Leong’s native Chinese food and the fried chicken and mashed potatoes that he discovered Southerners loved.

Sparkle Craft: Milk and Oatmeal Soap

As far back as Cleopatra in Egypt, people have enjoyed the skin soothing properties of milk. In the recipes below — a milk bath powder and a milk soap — milk is combined with oatmeal for an extra punch of moisturizing goodness.

So Many Fairies

The Dusty Dirty Gnome

The Dusty Dirty Gnome

Cupid's Little Brother

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