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Family Activity: Projects for Winter Break

Family Activity: Projects for Winter Break

There's so much fun to be had over winter break — sledding, making snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate, just to name a few. If you're looking for something a little crafty to add to your school break agenda, we've got six unique activities to keep little hands busy and minds creative while they are out of school.

1. Bird Feeders and Squirrel Feeders

bird feeder KC1

This is a fun and creative way to get your kids to work together. They will love getting their hands messy and making something for the birds and squirrels in your neighborhood.

Find the tutorial HERE

2. Milk Jug Lantern

milk jug lanterns 5 || martin & sylvia more adventures!

Milk Jug Lanterns are a fun project that also comes with a walk at the end. Make your own lantern or make one for grandma and grandpa, then take a walk in the evening all together.

Find the tutorial HERE

3. Super Spy Fingerprint Powder

super spy fingerprint powder 9 || martin & sylvia

Alright, being a spy sounds awesome. Tell your kids to find the bandit by looking for fingerprints. This activity is sure to keep them busy all afternoon long.

Find the tutorial HERE

4. Tree Buds Research

tree buds dawn 1

It's often thought that trees start to bud in the spring, but they actually start preparing for spring during late summer of the previous year while they have abundant sunlight and energy at their disposal. That means there are buds on the trees all winter long. Take a walk outside during your vacation and see if you can find some buds on the trees near your home.

Learn about what to look for in this activity guide.

5. Snow Candles

Snow Candles Blog

These candles are fun and easy to make for little hands and require minimal supplies: a little string, some beeswax, and a popsicle stick. Bring a little more light to the long winter days.

Find the tutorial HERE

6. Inside Fairy Doors


It's wintertime and it's not unusual to spend more time indoors with the cold temps and maybe even snow on the ground. Why not invite some fairy friends to hang out with you in the warmth of your home? These fun-to-decorate doors are the perfect way to invite them in.

Find the tutorial HERE

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