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9 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make at Home

9 Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make at Home

Whether the kids need a last-minute gift to give Grandma or you're just looking for a different and meaningful present for one of their teachers or mentors, we've got some homemade gift ideas that can help you out in a pinch. From homemade soap to watercolor thank-you notes, these nine crafts are easy to make, fun for the kids to help with, and guaranteed to make the recipients smile.

bird nest basket 15 || by thistle by thimble

Bird Nest Baskets

This basket is quick and easy for little hands to make. Incorporate fabric, yarn, or materials you have lying around the house to make it extra special.

Find the tutorial HERE.

sparkle craft- beaded light catcher - Sparkle Stories

Beaded Window Catchers

These window catchers are a lovely gift to brighten up anyone's home or classroom.

Find the tutorial HERE.

milk and oatmeal bath powder 9 || so many fairies

Milk and Oatmeal Soap

Who doesn't love good smelling soap that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft? These heart-shaped soaps make a lovely gift for anyone on your list.

Find the tutorial HERE.

peace owl amulets 7 || by thistle by thimble

Peace Owl Amulets

Combine your wisdom with handcrafts and you can create these owl amulets. Teachers and mentors are bound to love these cute, peaceful art pieces.

Find the tutorial HERE.

hamsa scarecrow kc1

DIY Hamsa Scarecrow

This hand-crafted good luck charm for gardens is a wonderful gift for anyone with a green thumb (or not).

Find the tutorial HERE.

earth art kc 8

Hanging Earth Art

These hanging earth art medallions are a super-easy gift that can be completed by little hands without any extra help.

Find the tutorial HERE.

Sparkle Stories - DIY Handmade Woven Tapestry

Handwoven Tapestry

This handwoven tapestry is an extra-special way to tell someone you love them.

Find the tutorial HERE.

watercolor circles DIY thank you note

Watercolor Thank You Notes

If there is one thing kids know, it's how to make paper into beautiful art. These thank you cards are no exception. A simple thank you made with love will be greatly appreciated.

Find the tutorial HERE.

Sparkle Stories - DIY Colorful Silhouettes

Colorful Silhouettes

This one will take a little help from an adult, but is a beautiful way to show your gratitude. It makes a fun art piece for classrooms or living rooms.

Find the tutorial HERE.

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