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Beeswax Travel Candles: Kid-friendly Craft

Beeswax Travel Candles: Kid-friendly Craft

In this week's So Many Fairies story “Fire Fairies,” Nicholas and Miriam love their grandmother, Nani’s, warm and cozy home. But then, one spring day, a fire breaks out, and Nani's home is mostly lost to smoke and flame.

Their grandmother is okay with the loss, but Miriam is not okay. In fact, she becomes afraid that the fire may happen again. It takes the work of several fairies to help Miriam learn to appreciate fire again.

In addition to the helpful work of fairies, I often find that when my kiddos or I are scared of something, it helps to make it smaller.

The huge shadow on the wall at bedtime? See, it's just your dinosaur toy caught in the nightlight.

Jumping off the high diving board? Practice lots at the edge of the pool first.

In that spirit, this week's craft makes the fire that Miriam was afraid of much smaller — small enough that you can travel with it, in fact.

While you can buy plain wax and doctor it up with just about any scent, plain beeswax has a warm smell that's more pleasant to me than other scented candles. I love beeswax candles at home, but I think they're also particularly appropriate if you have a shared office where stronger scents might bother co-workers.

The supplies below will make one candle, but feel free to double or triple them to make more candles. These are lovely to keep as treats for yourself, but they also make a pretty little gift.

Beeswax Travel Candles

beeswax travel candles 5 || so many fairies


60 grams beeswax

an empty can or similar container for melting wax

an empty Altoids (or similarly sized) tin

washi tape

2 short candle wicks with attached wick tabs


First, find a heat-proof container to melt your beeswax in. I think an empty tin can (with the label removed) pulled from the recycling bin works great, because you can dispose of it easily when you're finished and don't have to worry so much about washing it up.

beeswax travel candles 1 || so many fairies

Place the beeswax in the can, and put it in a small pot of water on your stove. You're setting up a double boiler, so the water should only go about halfway up the sides of the can. Then, gently heat the beeswax until it's melted, keeping a close eye so that it doesn't scorch.

beeswax travel candles 3 || so many fairies
beeswax travel candles 9 || so many fairies
Meanwhile, use a butter knife or flat screwdriver to bend out the hinges of the Altoids tin to remove the lid.
beeswax travel candles 7 || so many fairies
Cover the bottom sides of the tin, as well as the lid, with decorative washi tape.
beeswax travel candles 10 || so many fairies

When the wax is melted, use canning tongs or a pot holder to carefully remove the can from the double boiler. Dip the wick tabs just barely into the wax, and use the wax to “glue” them to the bottom of the Altoids container.

beeswax travel candles 8 || so many fairies

Let the wick tabs cool for about 30 seconds, then pour the rest of the wax into the bottom of the Altoids tin. Let the beeswax harden completely, reattach the lid, and enjoy the warm glow of this little fire that you can take anywhere.

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