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Sparkle Craft: “Bravery-in-a-Box” Travel Photo Frame

Sparkle Craft: “Bravery-in-a-Box” Travel Photo Frame

In the Junkyard Tales: All Together Now story “Because We Take Care of Each Other,” Winnie the puppy assistant has her first appointment at the vet, and she is nervous. She insists that her Junkyard friends come too. When Ben promises that he and Spiro will be there, Sergeant asks, "Why go to such risk?" "Because we take care of each other," answers Ben, and thus the adventure begins.

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 12 || junkyard tales: all together now

Isn't it amazing how much just those few words from a friend — “We are with you!” — can make a person feel brave? Whether it's a scary visit to the doctor, a challenging day at school or work, or a big performance, knowing you have people who love you no matter what can really help you go out into the world and do brave things.

But what about those times when your friends can't tag along? Well, for those times, consider this week's craft.

Made from an empty Altoids tin, this travel photo frame will let you bring your friends with you, along with a few other tidbits and words to help you feel brave.

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 13 || junkyard tales: all together now

While the painting step takes a bit to dry, these little boxes are otherwise quick and fun to put together. Make one for a friend going through a hard time or make one for yourself. Tucked into a pocket or bag, it will be a great reminder of all the people who have your back.

“Bravery-In-a-Box” Travel Photo Frame

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 7 || junkyard tales: all together now


An empty Altoids (or similarly sized) tin

1 small can spray paint

1 photo

Sharpie marker

Scissors and/or a craft knife


Collage materials (kid's art, magazine photos, washi tape, etc.)

A quote about bravery (I printed mine out in two sizes to have variation.)

Ephemera to tuck into the box (Think of things that might make the receiver feel brave.)


“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 2 || junkyard tales: all together now

Begin by painting the Altoids tin. Working in a well ventilated space, spray one side of the tin, and allow it to dry before you paint the other.

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 10 || junkyard tales: all together now

Once the tin is completely dry, use it as a template to get the contents of your photo frame cut to the right size. To do so, put the bottom of the tin on your photo, square it up so that the part of the photo you want to capture will be in the “frame,” and use a sharpie to trace around the tin. Cut the photo out inside of the sharpie line.

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 1 || junkyard tales: all together now

Add some collage materials to your photo, if you like (I added a bit of washi tape to the top and bottom of mine), and glue it into one side of the tin.

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 16 || junkyard tales: all together now

For the other side of the tin, again, trace the bottom of the tin to get your collage base cut to the right size. (Here, I used a dragon my son drew at school as a base.)

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 14 || junkyard tales: all together now

Glue on any other collage materials you like, then add your bravery quote. Glue the entire little picture into the other side of the tin.

“bravery-in-a-box” travel photo frame 13 || junkyard tales: all together now

If you want to add other ephemera (I used a small plastic dinosaur and a few lucky “fairy” rocks), you can glue them down in the deeper side of the tin. I didn't like the way that blocked the pictures, so I opted just to tuck them in, so that they can be displayed outside the tin whenever it's opened.

Now, get out there, take care of each other, and be brave!

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