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Sparkle Crafts: Felted Acorns

Sparkle Crafts: Felted Acorns

Felted Acorns. Are those not adorable?

We had a lot of fun creating them. My older son felted on and off all day (in fact, he gets credit for most of the acorns in the photos). My younger son improvised with the felting needle. And we really enjoyed ourselves.

So I just had to share the project — what we did and how we did it.

Felted Acorns 5

Here’s the deal: felted acorns are really quite easy. As long as your children are old enough to manage a felting needle, then they can form the felted acorn nut.

And they are SO SATISFYING to create. Just look at those tidy, colorful little acorns!

Felted Acorns 2

Felted Acorns


a felting pad (see above)

a needle-felting needle

sheep’s wool (aka roving)

acorn caps




As you poke the needle into the roving over and over, and the wool fibers interweave you can use this “interweaving” to make formed objects.

With the acorns, you start by pulling off a small portion of roving, and rolling it in your hands to form a loose ball. From there, you begin to use the needle to “poke” it on all sides, firming it up and forming it into an oblong ball.

Felted Acorns 6

We alternately felted with the needle, and rolled the little wool acorns in our hands — until we had a nice firm ball.

Felted Acorns 3

Then we glued on the acorn caps! A good source for acorn caps: Etsy! (We’re lucky to have oak trees in the woods near our house.)

You can also find roving on Etsy -- as well as in local fiber arts shops.

Felted Acorns 4

Kids don’t have to stop at acorns. Learning to needle-felt opens up a world of possibilities. My younger son was inspired to felt all sorts of fall woodland creatures.

Felted Acorns 7

The finished product:

Felted Acorns 1

An autumn nature table! That all three of us created together.

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