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sparkle crafts: four sparkle crafts to help you slow down

December 6, 2018
sparkle crafts: four sparkle crafts to help you slow down

Sometimes December can get very overwhelming — with parties and family gatherings, shopping and cooking big meals. If someone in your family is sensitive to lots of activity or gets easily overwhelmed, it can be hard for everyone. I've rounded up just four ideas for you to help calm things down. (After all, choice paralysis can make things even worse!) These crafts are easy to do and can help you slow down and feel the calm.

Sparkle Stories - DIY Handmade Woven Tapestry

Handwoven Tapestry

There is nothing like the rhythm of "over, under, over, under..." to help calm the nerves. Working with real yarn is both soft and warming. This project can be as short or long as you want it or need it to be. Just choose a larger or smaller yarn or a bigger or smaller box. Weaving will have you relaxing in no time.

Find the tutorial HERE.

peace owl amulets 7 | www.sparklestories.com| by thistle by thimble

Peace Owl Amulets

These amulets have a double way of making you calm. First in the making of them, and then the keeping of them in your pocket or purse or backpack. They will be a constant reminder during stressful times to take it easy and think before you act.

Find the tutorial HERE.

diy tibetan prayer flags 9 | www.sparklestories.com| the willowbee tree

DIY Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tying knots on a rope can be very relaxing. As you tie the fabric to rope, think of things that make you feel calm, relaxed, and loved. By the end, you'll feel very relaxed. And when you hang them up, the calm will come back to you every time you see it.

Find the tutorial HERE.

lavender and sweet orange sleepy time spray 2|www.sparklestories.com| sparkle sleepytime

Lavender and Sweet Orange Sleepy Spray

At the end of a busy day, it can be hard for little minds to fall asleep. This wonderful-smelling spray will help calm and soothe children who have a hard time unwinding.

Find the tutorial HERE.

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