Storybox Playlist
Storybox Playlist: Stories for Going Back to School

August 12, 2019
Storybox Playlist: Stories for Going Back to School

Is it already that time again? Time for new pencils and notebooks, lunch boxes and school books. At Sparkle, we encourage all kinds of learning and hope that going back to school, homeschool, nature school, or whatever form of learning your family enjoys will be a smooth and easy one. We've rounded up five of our best Back to School stories to help your little learners transition back to a more structured day.

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Back to School Stories (Collection)

Three stories designed to help children prepare for going back to school or going to school for the first time!

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Puppy School (from the Junkard Tales: All Together Now Collection)

Everyone loves little Winnie, Sergeant's puppy assistant, but she does have some important lessons to learn. The Junkyard friends do their best to guide her: Mr. Flinch tries to teach her manners and Spiro tries to teach her how to walk in a straight line. But it's Sally the chipmunk who knows exactly how to teach a puppy.

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School (from the At Home with Martin & Sylvia collection)

What is that sound? Martin and Sylvia hear children's voices next door at the Brown's farm! When they investigate further, they find that a field trip from the local school has come to help with farm chores. Mr. Brown welcomes brother and sister as his helpers, and the two enjoy conversations with the other children about school-at-home and school-at-school.

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Goose Eye Wilderness School (from the Martin & Sylvia collection)

Martin is looking for more adventure in his days: he wants to live in the woods, hunt for his own food, and fashion a sword with his own hands. When Momma and Daddy enroll him in a local wilderness school, Martin has the opportunity to experience adventures in the wild — both unexpected and satisfying.

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Teeny the Toadlet (from the Sparkle Sleepytime collection)

Teeny is a little toadlet who is about to go to school for the very first time. When he realizes that going to Toad School includes leaving some of his friends from the pond and making new friends on land, he grows nervous. His mother reassures him that toads are lucky because they can make new friends at Toad School while keeping their old friends from the pond.

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