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Simple Imbolc Celebrations for Kids: Plus Stories to Inspire Spring Cleaning!

Simple Imbolc Celebrations for Kids: Plus Stories to Inspire Spring Cleaning!

It’s not yet officially spring, but we’ve got the spring cleaning bug. Right off the bat, spring cleaning may not sound like the most appealing activity to kids, but it can actually help us tap into magic and wonder that is in the air this time of year!

February 2 is celebrated as Candlemas in many traditions- especially in Waldorf circles. It is a time of year when we start to notice that the daylight hours become longer. Spring is on the way! Candlemas means that the darkness and cold of winter will soon give way to new light, warmth, and life. Did you know that February 2 also coincides with an ancient celebration called Imbolc, or Brigid’s Day? And whether we are celebrating Candlemas, Imbolc, or even Groundhog’s Day, this time of year is all about the returning of the light! The days are beginning to lengthen and the sun is slowly (but surely) returning.

Who is Brigid?

Brigid is represented in many cultures. She shows up as the Celtic deity Brighid, and in Christianty she is celebrated as Brigid of Kildare. She is connected to the hearth and home, healing, and poetry . All of this connects her to the celebration of Imbolc, and the coming newness and hope of the approaching Spring.

The symbolic (and literal!) renewal of our space and environment that spring cleaning brings makes it the perfect activity to honor this sacred day! We’ve rounded up our favorite stories to get everyone in the cleaning spirit! Keep scrolling to find them all below!

Log into your Sparkle Account or start a free trial to listen now! We’ve also gathered some of our best crafts and recipes to help you enjoy simple Imbolc Celebrations (for adults, kids, and families alike!)

Imbolc Crafts for Kids

The Sparkle Stories blog is packed with fun crafts that are easy, fun, and kid-friendly. The best part? They are all connected to an original audio story! Preparing for holidays, festival seasons, or even just changes in your yearly routine becomes a lot easier with some extra support to help you plan. Here are some of our favorite crafts for this time of year.

Homemade Fire Starters

For a little help igniting the hearth to enjoy some warmth and comfort the Imbolc, try these homemade fire starters . Homeschooling mom and founder of LüSa Organics, Rachel Wolf, joined us to offer this fun and easy project. You can also read a little about her own experience in this helpful tutorial, so check it out! Making fire starters for your fireplace, wood stove, or campfires is easy peasy. (Easier than splitting kindling!). This is especially true when you use Beeswax!

Snow Candles

Ice candles- or snow candles like in this tutorial- are perfect for Imbolc or Candlemas celebrations! The experience of creating something that brings warmth and vibrance from something that started out so cold helps us remember and look forward to that coming warmth. You’ll find this fun project on the Sparkle Blog!

Seed Starters

What could be more appropriate to honor the coming Spring than starting seedlings! One of the easiest ways to get started gardening is by planting seeds. It's fun and easy to do with children of all ages. The best part is you don't need any fancy materials; you can simply use an egg carton, some seedling soil, and your choice of seeds. We have a tutorial that will walk you through just how to just started!

Imbolc Recipes for Kids

On top of 1400+ original audio stories, you’ll also find plenty of healthy and delicious recipes that kids can help with! Here are some of our picks to help with your Imbolc or Candlemas celebrations.

Bannock Bread

One of the traditional foods eaten during Imbolc Celebrations is Bannock Bread. Bannock bread (also known as plain “campfire bread”) has both Scottish and Native American origins. It’s a biscuit dough that was traditionally cooked over a campfire, either by using a scavenged flat rock as a pan or by twisting the dough around a stick. We’ve got a special recipe for making these over a fire!

Bring on the Pancakes!

Another traditional fare of Imbolc is the pancake! Not only are pancakes nourishing and revitalizing, but their golden color and round shape also symbolize the sun. Because of their symbolism (and deliciousness!) they’ve historically been a part of honoring Imbolc for ages. And we don’t have just one delicious pancake recipe for you. We have 3!

Daddycakes! Martin and Sylvia (our most beloved Sparkle Stories characters) love Daddycakes, the inventive creation of their much-loved Daddy. Now, in our stories, Daddycakes are often totally inspired by the moment, as well as what’s in the fridge. So we’ve created an easy, customizable version that’s based on Daddy’s creative pancakes.

Peach Pecan Pancakes The extra thickness of these pancakes makes them perfectly suited to being stuffed with goodies. Try this recipe with peaches and pecans or whatever else you can imagine up. Then, get ready for an incredible day of Imbolc (or Candlemas!) celebrations.

Flower Petal Pancakes To tap a bit more into Brigid’s creative qualities (as the goddess of poetry), try something like these artistic (and delicious) flower petal pancakes.

Stories to Inspire Spring Cleaning

Now, once your snacks are planned, and your activities are underway, look to this helpful playlist to inspire spring cleaning! Whether you are digging in with big projects today, or gearing up for a weekend project, these stories will help parents and kids alike find inspiration and motivation to dig into making your spaces a little cleaner, more organized, and cozy.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

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