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Storybox Playlist: A Whole World Season of Lights

The world is big and Christmas looks very different depending on where you live. For some, Christmas is connected to snow and evergreen trees. For others Christmas is a beach holiday with lots of bar-b-cue. Here are some stories that look at Christmas from different perspectives.

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Tullyport Christmas - Tale Four: Four Legs to a Table (from the Twelve Tales of a Tullyport Christmas Collection)

Eliza Tully has always been a clear-minded girl. The third child of the founders of Tullyport, she has shown little but unstoppable curiosity about the world. As a young adult, she leaves Tullyport to explore other continents – and returns filled with stories, languages, and ideas about how to bring connection to her much loved home town.

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The Rage Maiden (from the So Many Faries Series)

There is an unusual tradition in a small northern town. The morning after the longest night of the year, one household wakes to find a gift at their front door. It is always the same gift: a beautiful and unique hand-woven carpet. What makes the carpet more magical is this: it is always warm. Even when the rest of the room is cold, the carpet remains warm. Over the years, many families have received one. Some have two and some have three. But Katri’s family, for reasons no one can understand, has none. But Katri thinks she might know where the carpets come from and decides to find out.

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The Christmas Gifts (from the By Thistle By Thimble Series)

A poor father and son who live in a hovel and work all day in order to afford food and necessities, both plan their Christmas gifts for each other in secret. But when a flood washes their hard work away, Christmas magic works out the perfect solution.

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Traditions (from the Junkyard Tales Series)

One morning Ben Thompson, clever cat, wakes to the sound of small scuffling feet. What could it be? Turns out it's three small mice, hunting for hidden glass stars. Glass stars? Ben later discovers that hiding colorful glass stars for the mice to find is one of the many holiday traditions in the Junkyard. There's also storytelling and gift-giving, among others! It all sounds great to Ben; he wants to hide stars and tell stories and make gifts! But how can he possibly do it all? Sergeant, the steadfast watchdog, helps Ben realize what is truly important about holiday traditions.

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The Cooper and the Winter Oak (from the So Many Fairies Series)

An old cooper, or barrel maker, is given a large order for special barrels to be made before Christmas. The barrels are for a wine maker who wants them to be made with “winter white oak” wood. Ordinarily this would not be a problem, but the rareness of the wood, coupled with a sudden and severe snow storm, forces the cooper to make a difficult choice: use his wood for barrels or burn his wood to keep himself warm. Luckily, a quiet oak elf steps in, introducing the cooper to someone who can help.

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