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Summertime Fun! Our Best Sparkle Games

Summertime Fun! Our Best Sparkle Games

At Sparkle, we love games — especially homemade games. We've rounded up nine of our best games for you to try out this summer. Some of them can be played inside or outside (or both). Some can be played in the car or anywhere you have to wait for something. We hope these games bring some fun to your long summer days.


Summer Games Round-Up

Summer is in full swing, and this week we've got four games for you, all of which work really well just about anywhere you want to explore.

Find the tutorial HERE.

--- Daddy's Pollination Game

This game can be made easy for little ones or complicated for older kids. Either way, it's a great way to hydrate your kids while they play games outside. Find the tutorial HERE

20150906twineagles 1

Nature School Project: Squirrels Uprising

“Squirrels Uprising” is a fun game. It has layers to it and there are multiple things happening at the same time, so it invites one’s awareness to expand to their whole environment and everything in it. In this way it is natural to feel that sense of interconnectedness. Why play this game? Because it’s an incredible amount of fun!

Find the tutorial HERE

sungka 3 || the willowbee tree


How about making a game and then playing it?! Try it out with our sungka tutorial.

Find the Tutorial HERE

Scavenger Hunt | Sparkle Project |  Spies

A Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

This is one is our most involved games, but it so much fun! Read through our tutorial to find out how to make your own neighborhood scavenger hunt.

Find the tutorial HERE

indoor obstacle course 2 || the willowbee tree

Indoor Obstacle Course

Our indoor obstacle course is great for those hot afternoons when it might be a bit too hot and sticky to go outside, but the kids are still feeling restless.

Find the tutorial HERE

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