The Cook Out


The Cook Out

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Projects, Crafts, and Recipes for this Story

Sparkle Kitchen: What's Your Favorite Hot Dog?

We generally eat the same-ole-same-ole hot dog – you know, with ketchup and mustard. And maybe some sauerkraut. But we were feeling adventurous — inspired by the Martin & Sylvia story "The Cook Out."

How to Stop Teasing and Bullying: Finding a Common Image

In this post, David has tips on how to use our stories within the context of bullying and teasing.

Summertime Fun! Our Best Sparkle Games

At Sparkle, we love games — especially homemade games. We've rounded up a handful of our best games for you to try out this summer. Some of them can be played inside or outside (or both). Some can be played in the car or anywhere you have to wait for something. We hope these games bring some fun to your long summer days!

Characters in this Story


Martin & Sylvia

Spy Team

Spy Team

Catching Crayfish

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