Part Two: Welcoming the Hadids


Part Two: Welcoming the Hadids

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The Welcoming Feast: A Video Introduction and New Story

This week we hear more from Martin and Sylvia’s new friends, the Hadid family – and their honoring of Ramadan.

New "Martin & Sylvia" Collection: "The Welcoming Feast"

The new Martin & Sylvia stories portray a moment of coming together, of welcoming those who may seem - at first - to be quite different.

Sparkle Kitchen: Kebabs

In The Welcoming Feast, a three-part Martin & Sylvia collection of stories, Daddy's new colleague, Rami Hadid, and his family are coming over for dinner. Martin is generally hesitant about meeting new people, but when he learns that the Hadid's are Muslim and that Rami has lots of stories about growing up in Syria, he is very curious.

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Martin & Sylvia: The Welcoming Feast

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