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7 Handmade Holiday Decoration Ideas for Kids

7 Handmade Holiday Decoration Ideas for Kids

Colder weather is upon us, and winter break is coming soon! If you’re like us, you and your little ones are starting to get into the holiday spirit and create a festive and cozy environment in your home.

Homemade Holiday Decoration crafts and activities are the perfect way to get out of the cold, get into the festival spirit, and harness your children’s creativity and imagination.

We’ve gathered seven of our favorite Handmade Holiday Decoration ideas for kids. From garlands to DIY Christmas tree decorations, explore our creative tutorials below to get into that cozy, festive holiday feel.

1. Stitched Snowflakes & Cranberry Garlands

Stitched Snowflakes and Cranberry Garland: 1200X525

In “Snow That Sticks," Martin and Sylvia (along with Momma) figure out a way to make a bit of snow when there’s none outside — even though it’s so very cold! And though their handmade snow isn’t chilly, it is beautiful — a lovely preview to what’s sure to come this winter.

With some simple materials – a bit of yarn, some recycled cardboard – you can make your own snowflakes that stick around even if there’s none out your door. Add a bit of garland made of wheat-O’s and cranberries and you have a festive, wintry scene!

2. Snow Crystal Flowers

Snow Crystals

In our So Many Fairies story, “The Source of Snow,” we learn that snow has a particular and powerful magic in the fairy world. It is abuzz with fairies!

But more than that, snowflakes — with their no-two-are-alike crystals — have a wondrous connection to the wishes and dreams of children. You'll have to listen to the story to fully understand, but to summarize, all of those unique crystalline shapes are inspired by you. As captivating as they are, snow crystals can be hard to study up close. They are so small and melt so fast! Even holding one in your hand long enough to examine is almost impossible.

If you want to really study crystals, one way to do it is to grow your own! With this fun, hands-on project, you can use a little science to turn flowers into magical snow crystals. Then get to investigating!

Which type of flower makes the most beautiful crystals? What shapes are the crystals? Are they all the same? Or are they unique? Why do you think the crystals adhered to some flowers better than others?

It's an opportunity to learn a little science — and a little touch of fairy magic, too.

3. Colorful Ice Garland

Blog Post Colorful Ice Garland1200 X 525

In the Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays! story, “Four In One Snow Forts” (, Martin and Sylvia join with their friends Jonathan and Sasha to build a snow city.

If you live someplace cold and snowy, perhaps you’ve had a chance to build a snow house as well! Add a bit of color to your wintry home (or a fun temporary outdoor decoration if you live somewhere warmer) with a beautiful DIY Ice Garland. You can make it outdoors (if it’s chilly) or in your freezer (if it’s not).

Either way, your snow forts (or tree forts!) will take on a new, lovely, colorful décor.

4. Making Holiday-Clad “Stick Friends”

Stick Friends

In the Martin & Sylvia Nature School story, "Out in the Sticks"Sylvia discovers that sticks can become wonderful friends.

Yes, sticks love to come to life!

All you and your child need to do is give a stick two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Some sticks like to get fancy and wear hats and dresses. Others prefer to be colorful. Only your child knows what the stick likes best. Nature Sticks are wonderful and one of the best toys a child can have. Decorate your new nature stick for the holidays and let imagination take hold!

5. Waxed Leaf Banner

Waxed Leaf Banner

In this week's Martin & Sylvia's Nature School Story, "I Feel Orange," Sylvia is feeling very energetic on one Nature School morning, but her friend Sofia is feeling very tired. “I feel blue,” she says. This inspires a long conversation, and then a project based on what it is to “feel” different colors.

This Sparkle Craft is a wonderful way to appreciate colors and the beauty of the changing seasons. It’s the perfect project for those left-over wax leaves from your earlier fall excursions! Let the glorious gold, red, and orange hues of gathered leaves help contribute to that warm, cozy holiday feel by creating a simple leaf banner or garland. You can use it to adorn your mantle, or add it to your Christmas tree.

6. Martin & Sylvia’s Colorable Ornaments

Martin & Sylvia Colorable Advent Ornaments

No list would be complete without this beloved DIY Holiday Decoration idea! Let your little ones color and design their own Martin & Sylvia ornaments using our free printables. These ornaments go along with the Martin & Sylvia Audio Advent Calendar and are the perfect way to incorporate a daily activity (AND storytime routine) into the advent season. Whether you listen snuggled in bed, around the table, or in the car, your kiddos can color one every day to help count the days to Christmas.

You’ll find the printable — plus three easy ideas for displaying the finished ornaments — in this project.

7. Solstice Sun Tree Topper

Blog Post Solstice Sun Tree Topper1200 X 525

In this At Home with Martin & Sylvia story, " The Shortest Day," the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter where Martin and Sylvia live. When Momma suggests they spend more time outside with the sun, brother and sister decide to invite the daylight into all their play. They go sledding, build fairy houses, do farm chores, and build a bonfire all with an eye on the sun — celebrating its shortest day of the year.

This craft is a perfect way to spend time with some sunshine even on the cloudiest days.

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