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The Earth is Amazing - Art Round Up

The Earth is Amazing - Art Round Up

Almost 40,000 years ago, humans began making art using the only thing they had — natural materials. They used what they found around them to make pigments for painting on cave walls, glazing pottery, painting on skin, and more. These dyes were often made of ground rocks, dirt, sticks, reeds, and grass. Over time, the art became more complicated but they always found some thing in nature to inspire them. This round-up is all about art inspired by natural materials. Feel free to share your earth art with us via Facebook and Instagram. We would love to see it!

Leaf-printing Dawn3

Print Making with Leaves


This a super easy project for all ages. Pick leaves you want and print away until you run out of paint.


Find the tutorial HERE

evergreen brushes kc 4

Evergreen Paint Brushes


These paint brushes are a super fun way to add texture to a painting. Half the fun is finding the evergreens for the bristles and the twigs for the handle. These brushes themselves become a piece of art.


Find the tutorial HERE

4 gift wrap (1) copy



These beautiful nature wrappings will be a hit for any present or book cover. They are so lovely you might just want to frame them and hang them on the wall instead!


Find the tutorial HERE

waxed leaves 6 || martin & sylvia's nature school

Waxed Leaf Banner


Waxed leaves are on of my favorite art projects for the fall. I take the time to pick the most beautiful leaves I can find and then using real beeswax dip them and preserve them. The wonderful warm beeswax smell lasts all season!


Find the tutorial HERE

mushroom spore printing|| martin & sylvia's nature school

Mushroom Spore Printing


The prints made by mushrooms spore is endlesslly factinating! You'll want to make lots of these prints for sure. They make fun collages for wall art!


Find the tutorial HERE

earth art kc 8

Hanging Earth Art for Mother's Day


These clay plant impressions are so fun to make! You can make them big or small and use whatever plant materials have the most interesting textures!


Find the tutorial HERE

Hidden Earth Art Featured Image

Hidden Earth Art


Hidden earth art is a great way to make art while hiking or out in nature when you don't have a lot of time. Arrange leaves and rocks and twigs to make make beautiful patterns and designs and leave them for others to enjoy!


Find the tutorial HERE


Nature Hearts


Nature hearts, we made this tutorial for Valentines day, but don't feel limited to the shape of just hearts, try out all kinds of fun shapes for what ever holiday is coming up.


Find the tuorial HERE


Mud Pies and Mudball Critters


Mud pies are the ultimate earth art. They can be made practially anywhere, all you need is dirt and and water and plant materials to decorate with. Kids will already know jsut what to do, but if you are a grown-up you should try this too. You might just find you love it as much as they do!


Find the tutorial HERE

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